Order of Battle: Pacific has been updated! Battle of Britain is out!

order-of-battle-pacific-boxOrder of Battle: Pacific has been updated with free special content celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain!

The scenario starts on 12 June 1940 and lasts until 20 September 1940. The map covers England and the northern French, Belgian and Dutch coasts. It accurately portrays the changing German tactics in the battle, first focusing on the RAF airfields and later switching to the strategic bombing of cities. Several event pop ups help tell the story and outline the strategic situation of the battle.

You control the men and machines of the Royal Air Force and must protect British shipping and cities to keep the British Morale up. You win the scenario by destroying the German command’s desire to fight by downing bomber wings and reaching out to disrupt their preparations for Operation Sea Lion.

AI controlled allied convoys sail from the western edge of the map along the English Channel towards ports in London. Protecting these convoys not only prevents a morale penalty, but each ship arriving at the destination also provides the player with additional resources to assist the war effort.

Secondary objectives include protecting the vital Radar chain, the destruction of Stuka bomber units harassing the Atlantic Convoys and taking out a heavy German coastal gun battery which is bombarding the area around Dover.

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You can download the patch from here (PC) or here (Mac).