War in the West: Operation Torch Gets Release Date

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-west-logoGary Grigsby’s War in the West is unprecedented in its historical depth, detail and scope among computer wargames that depict the entire Western Front of World War II both on land and in the air. War in the West is a “monster game” by any measure, but retains the ease of play that made its predecessor, War in the East, a classic.

Nevertheless, 2by3 Games has not been resting on their laurels. The team was eager to add more material and many improvements to the game. The result of all these efforts is Operation Torch, a stunning expansion that covers not only the eponymous operation by the combined forces of the Western Allies against the Afrika Korps after El Alamein, but also much more!

We are now ready to announce that this great expansion will be available on the 8th of October!

As reported here, the game will use the enhancements made for the base game (for the full list of features please visit Grigsby’s War in the West product page) adding new scenarios with plenty of strategic options (like the 1945 Campaign scenario that starts on the 16th December 1944 and runs to the end of the war in Europe, playable both on the Allied or Axis side), both historical and what if scenarios.

This is a title that every true wargamer simply cannot miss!

Get more information about the game on its official product page.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the West: Operation Torch is an expansion for War in the West and requires the base game to play.