OCZ Trion 100 480 GB SSD Review

ocz-trion-100-ssdWritten By: Nathan Kirsch @ Legit Reviews

OCZ Storage Solutions today launched the Trion 100 series of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) that are the company’s latest value-oriented storage option for those wanting an affordable SATA III SSD. The OCZ Trion 100 series is an all Toshiba solution that features a Toshiba TC58 SSD controller paired with Toshiba A19 2D planar Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND flash. TLC SSDs have been made popular in recent years by Samsung and SanDisk as they have been shipping TLC drives in volume on their entry level drives. TLC memory is more affordable to manufacture, so the drives on the market utilizing TLC NAND Flash memory have allowed for lower SSD pricing. TLC NAND Flash memory is less durable than Multi-Level Cell (MLC) memory, but when parred with the proper controller that has error-correcting abilities it has been proven that TLC NAND is acceptable for use in consumer SSDs. Now that OCZ has a TLC SSD solution they should be better able to compete with the big name brands when it comes to pricing.

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