Rainbow Six: Siege Inside Rainbow Video

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: Blue’s News

Ubisoft’s UbiBlog now offers an Inside Rainbow #2 trailer from Rainbow Six: Siege showing off the FBI SWAT operators in the upcoming installment in the Tom Clancy shooter series. Here’s the accompanying blurb:

Servare Vitas. The Rainbow Six Siege Operators from the FBI SWAT CTU don’t mess around, especially when it comes to explosives. All four Operators deal increased explosive damage thanks to their backgrounds and explosives training. Attackers Ash and Thermite both have very destructive breaching tools, while Defenders Castle and Pulse are built to withstand and avoid these attacks. Castle is geared up with heavy duty kevlar barricades and Pulse can literally see through walls with his heartbeat sensor. Learn more about the four American Operators in the second entry in the Inside Rainbow series, and take a closer look at all ten of the Operators who have been revealed so far in this in-depth feature.

For more information about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, visit: rainbow6.ubi.com.