Battlefield 4 Spring Update Released

Update Adds New Weapons, Balancing, Gun Master Mode, And More

Source: GameInformer

Though Battlefield 4 launched in October, 2013, developer DICE is still supporting it through updates. With the new Spring Update, Battlefield 4 has now enhanced the experience from several angles, adding new weapons, a new online mode, re-balancing the weapons, and much more.

The new weapons balancing is illustrated above in the image taken from EA and DICE’s patch notes. In addition, DICE is adding a new assault rifle in the AN94, a new carbine in the Groza-1, a new PDW in the Groza-4, a new sidearm in the Mare’s leg, and a new LMG in the L86A1. The new update also brings various netcode improvements including minimizing player stuttering and boosting the performance of fast-handling vehicles over the network. Those with a keen ear will also notice new audio improvements, including DICE introducing a unique sound for headshots and improved bullet sounds for soldier impacts.

DICE is also bringing back the Gun Master mode, which was found in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. The mode plays out like team deathmatch, only you change weapons every two kills. The first player to record a kill with the final gun wins. The mode brings with it five preset playlists within it to give you a variety of different gun sets to experience Gun Master with.

If you’d like to read the full patch notes, you can head to EA’s PDF, which runs down all of the updates in painstaking detail.