Historical Article: The Battle of Savo Island

historical-article-the-battle-of-savo-island-logo9 August 1942 – AKA “The Battle of the Five Sitting Ducks”

By John Dudek @ The Wargamer

Large scale strategy games set in the Pacific Theatre of WW2, such as Matrix Games’ War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition or their upcoming Order of Battle: Pacific, are extremely popular. However, by their very nature these large scale strategy games cannot show the nitty gritty of what actually happened in individual battles and encounters. Fortunately, the Second World War is one of the best documented conflicts of all time and there is an abundance of material available to fill this gap. Here at Wargamer.com we regularly carry historical articles for the Pacific Theatre of Operations penned by regular contributor John Dudek. Here we delve back to August 1942. We hope this adds context to your games.

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