Historical Article: “Mush the Magnificent” – US Submarine Ace in the Pacific

historical-article-mush-the-magnificent-logoBy John Dudek @ The Wargamer

Dudley Walker “Mush” Morton was a dynamic, utterly fearless, yet personable submarine skipper and a natural born leader of fighting men. The nickname of “Mush” was short for “Mush-mouth”, a name he picked up in college because of his decided southern drawl way of talk. Described as a “happy warrior” who exuded happiness, good humor and joy whenever entering into combat. His infectious, positive “can-do” outlook was electric and never failed to fire up his crew. Although prone to take great chances while playing against long odds, he continued winning big against the Japanese and single headedly raised the morale with the entire US Submarine Force with the tales of USS WAHOO’s mostly successful five war patrols over ten months.

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