AMD FreeSync Review With the Acer XG270HU Monitor

amd-freesync-logoBy: Hilbert Hagedoorn @ GURU3D

In this article we will test out AMDs all new hip feature, FreeSync and we do so with the new Acer FreeSync (27” 1440p 144Hz) screen. This puppy is WHQD and will not break an arm and a leg as it’s available for just just 499 EURO. For that money you receive a FreeSync compatible screen that has 1ms GTG speeds up-to 144 Hz. So yeah, following NVIDIAs GSYNC AMD took matters in their own hands and took a different approach, no more screen tearing and sync stuttering during game-play, if you create a gaming setup with the right circumstances. We will walk you through some available models, driver support and supported GPU’s after which we’ll put the aforementioned ACER screen to the test.

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