World of Tanks Battle API Integrated Into Online ESL Play Platform

ESL developers are preparing to integrate’s latest technological development, Battle API (Application Programming Interface), into their online ESL Play platform. As the world’s largest esports company, this is set to significantly improve the esports experience for World of Tanks players from all around the globe. Since ESL and partnered in 2011, ESL World of Tanks players have secured themselves well over one million dollars in prize money. Battle API integration represents just the latest step the two companies have taken towards paving the way to a higher standard of esports events and user experience worldwide.

ESL will be the first external company to integrate Battle API into their leagues and competitions. Once integrated players will also be able to earn themselves in-game credits and battle experience when taking part in both online and offline competition. This is due to the integrated Battle API negating the need for ‘Training Room’ use.

The Battle API will be built into the World of Tanks game itself and will communicate with the ESL Play platform to automise actions such as in game invites, score postings and bracket updates. This form of game integration also allows for a more meaningful post-match analysis with statistics such as the number of shells shot, shot accuracy and amount of damage dealt available for use just moments after a game is over.

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