First Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Patch Released

Source: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Community

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare last week, our team has been working hard on improvements to the game. We’ve also had our ears to the ground, listening to your feedback. Our commitment to continuing to support the game and community is as strong as ever, and our team is focused on making the experience the best it can be on all platforms.

This week we will be rolling out multiple title updates on all platforms, beginning today with the PC version. Console players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should expect two updates this week, the first being live within the next 48 hours. We will update you on the deployment shortly, pending 1st party approvals.

Full patch notes on the list of key items included in today’s update to the PC Version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and reflected on all console platforms shortly, can be found HERE.