Perfect the Art of War in New Expansion for Europa Universalis IV Today

You Gotta Have Faith to Conquer the Most Detailed Map Ever

Paradox Interactive has released “Art of War,” a new expansion for the award-winning grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. In what could be the largest expansion DLC in Paradox history, Art of War includes a broad selection of updates and features for Europa Universalis IV starring the most detailed and historically accurate map in Paradox’s strategic titles to date. Hundreds of new provinces dot the globe as the masters of grand strategy cast their eye on new nations and history beyond Europe’s shores.

Marvel at the size of Art of War by viewing the launch trailer.

Alongside the release of Art of War, a massive, free patch with loads of new content has also been issued that all players of Europa Universalis IV can download and use. Details on what is available in patch 1.8 can be found HERE.

To learn more about Europa Universalis IV, visit the games official website.