Is Advanced Warfare About to Change CoD’s Reputation as a ‘Dumb Shooter’?

There is something rather dark lurking at the centre of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which just might make it the most mature offering this gaming franchise has seen in a while.

By Nick Cowen @ CVG

It’s not reinventing the series in terms of mechanics and structure by any means. Advanced Warfare looks, sounds and plays like its predecessor for the most part – the addition of jetpacks notwithstanding. The E3, Gamescom and more recent reveals have ticked the usual COD boxes: layered multiplayer, high octane campaign set-pieces and – this just in – the addition of a Survival mode similar to that in Modern Warfare 3.

And yet, on closer inspection, Advanced Warfare seems to be treading in far more nebulas moral terrain than its predecessors. In past entries in this series, players controlled Rangers, Marines, SAS thugs and Black Ops bagmen, but never at any time were they under the impression that the soldiers at the centre of the action weren’t the good guys. Advanced Warfare has no such safety net.

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