Battle Fleet 2 Update Released

battlefleet2-logoCapital j Media has released the v1.10  update for Battle Fleet 2. This new update to the game includes a few new major features:

  • Submarines and anti-sub warfare
  • Destructible terrain
  • Improved campaign AI
  • French, German & Polish translations

Battle Fleet 2 is a true naval combat sim set in the WWII era, with fights primarily taking place around island chains in The Pacific. Players manually control each ship’s loadout, as well as maneuvering each ship in true turn based combat. Firing on enemy ships is done via power and angle controls, much like Worms or Scorched Earth. Ballistic weapons use real time collision physics, allowing you to use terrain of islands as cover or even allowing individual shells to take out key systems such as enemy guns, flight decks, rudders, and so on. Find out all the information on the Battle Fleet 2 website.