World of Tanks Racing Mode Goes Live

Tank Rally with special missions, custom map and free tank is now available

Wargaming today announced the all new game mode for World of Tanks, Tank Rally, is now live. Players around the world will be able to race in a free custom- built M24 Chaffee Sport on a modified version of the Port map through October 12th.

The new race mode pits teams of three against each other in mad dash to the finish line culminating in fierce battle to capture a control point. The track itself is filled with obstacles, ramps and explosions mixed with the onslaught of enemy fire challenging players to use their skills to emerge victorious. The only vehicle available in Tank Rally, the custom-built M24 Chaffee Sport tank, has been credited to all registered player accounts for free.

Tank Rally will also offer a special in-game medal, “Racer 2014,” which is awarded to each player on the winning team, along with a set of combat missions allowing tankers to earn experience points and credits.

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