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Hardware Articles 1996 to March 2001:


Control Systems
     SUNCOM, Saitek, TM, CH and Others
Cyborg 3d

CH Products, Saitek, SUNCOM and Thrustmaster all make complete HOTAS systems: Hands On Stick and Throttle. TM and CH also make rudder pedals, Quickshot makes an excellent programmable MFD style pad, and Microsoft and Logitech make great force feedback sticks.


3D Accelerators
     STB, Matrox, 3dfx, S3, ATI, NVidia

As every serious simmer knows, the CPU can no longer make it alone. We needed some way to deal with the high detail and special effects (fog and transparency, etc.) while increasing the frame rates to playable levels. The new breed of accelerators have revolutionized PC gaming.

3d Hardware

Sound Boards and Speakers
     Creative Labs, Diamond, Turtle Beach, Orchid, Kenwood, Microsoft

The sound revolution has lagged behind the 3d revolution until late in 1998. New APIs are cropping up along with new hardware that allows more DirectSound and DSound3d streams to run simulateously, at the same time offloading the CPU. New surround sound systems are the perfect complement to these new boards.

Audio Hardware

System Configuration and  T e c h
     Mainboards, CPUs, APIs

It's a jungle out there! What mainboard will do you best for gaming? What CPU do you need? Is AMD a reliable name? What is an API? Is SCSI useful? We try to answer your questions and give you the reviews you need for the best decision possible.

System Hardware

Celeron 300A

Multibeam 52X

System Tech

HOTAS Configuration Files
     TM, CH, SUNCOM, Saitek, Quickshot

Sometimes the files that come with simulations are rather basic. If you need files for Flying Corps, F22: ADF, Janes F15, Longbow 2, TactCom, etc. you will find them here. The listing includes CH Products, Microsoft, Thrustmaster, Saitek, Quickshot and SUNCOM.

Config Files

Other Hardware
1998 Hardware   A w a r d s
     Quickshot, Diamond, SUNCOM, Creative Labs, STB, Logitech
Top Pick

From audio to video to controllers, we sum up the best of 1998 gaming hardware.

Top Picks 1998

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