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Game Controller Articles 1996 - March 2001:
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P r e v i e w
ThrustMaster HOTAS 2000
The challenge: to take the best flight sticks in the world and make them better. That was the proposition facing the ThrustMaster team as they considered how to bring the F22 Pro and TQS into the new millennium.

Len "Viking1" Hjalmarson files this preview of the return of the venerable line of high-end ThrustMaster controllers.

R e v i e w
ThrustMaster TopGun AfterBurner
The ThrustMaster name lives on in this latest, mid-range offering from Guillemot called the TopGun AfterBurner. Len "Viking1" Hjalmarson analyzes this futuristic controller's split personality as well as its functions, features, and programmability. Does it live up to the venerable ThrustMaster name? Read on to find out.

H o w - T o
Stickworks Digital Chip Upgrade for ThrustMaster F22/TQS
Still using your original Thrustmaster F-22 Pro and F-16 TQS? Would you like to convert it to digital operation in just a few minutes? Len "Viking1" Hjalmarson shows you the painless way to obtain and install the Stickworks digital upgrade created by Bob Church.

R e v i e w
Force Feedback Showdown - Logitech vs. Microsoft
Logitech and the Microsoft go head-to-head with their latest entries in the force feedback category of joysticks. Which side has used The Force wisely --- the Evil Empire or the little guy? Where's Ben Kenobi when you need him?

R e v i e w
Logitech Wingman Rumblepad USB
COMBATSIM.COM reviewing a gamepad?!? Well, yes, actually. Follow along (and keep an open mind) as Joe "Impaler" Highman takes a closer look at this versatile addition to the Logitech Wingman controller family. Who knows, maybe there really is room for a gamepad in simulation gaming.

R e v i e w
Presto Change-o! Saitek Cyborg 3D USB
I needed a full stick, throttle, and rudder setup for my wrestling matches with helicopter simulations. And it needed to be programmable so I could use it with different simulations easily.

R e v i e w
Thomas Rudder Pedals
Thomas Enterprises has been producing high performance racing wheels and pedals for the driving simulation community for many years. Kurt Giesselman takes a look at their entry into the Flight Simulation controller market with their Thomas Rudder Pedals.

Thomas Rudder Pedals

Saitek GM2 Action Pad and Mouse
Click to Proceed We've been testing Saitek's new GM2 controller for the past couple of weeks. This new device is a revolutionary step forward for first person tactical simulations.

Saitek GM2 Action Pad and Mouse

Mouse Roundup
MS IE The mouse is a device that is often taken for granted. When it comes to PC hardware, most of us die-hard simulation gamers are more concerned with things such as video cards and HOTAS flight controllers. We reviewed three distinct mice combos!

3 Not-So-Blind Mice

Thrustmaster DIGITAL
F22 Pro Tired of the jitter associated with your Thrustmaster gear? You'd like to be able to use your gear as a digital device and assign buttons in a game via the in-game menu? You've never been able to use the trackball but wish you could? Never fear, new chips are here!

Thrustmaster DIGITAL
TM Programming: Fox 2 Pro

Survey Articles
  SUNCOM, Saitek, TM, CH and Others
Cyborg 3d Looking for a philosophical piece on "The Perfect HOTAS?" We have it. Harold Schmulenson's piece surveys the programmable HOTAS scene. Here also are a flight yoke round-up and a look at four throttle systems.

Joystick 4x2 Roundup: Dec. '99
Four Throttles: July, '99
Flight Yokes: Aug. '99
The Perfect HOTAS: Feb. '99


Voice Control and Utils
  Game Commander, Verbal Commander, Other

Fully programmable voice command recognition and keyboard mapping applications. You can bark out orders to your wingmen or drop your gear via voice command, instead of using your joysticks, controller panels or keyboard.

  Eagle, Talon, Strike Fighter Throttle
Eagle Suncom broke new ground with sticks that could be programmed while in flight and by releasing the first split throttle. These articles cover SUNCOM gear and the use of SUNCOM gear with the Quickshot Masterpilot.

The Complete HOTAS
SUNCOM Flight Controller

CH Products
  Gamestick, Combatstick, Fighterstick, Pedals, Pro Throttle
Combatstick CH Products has been around forever, and not long ago I gave away an old CH stick to a nephew. It still worked fine and had to be five or six years old. CH is known for quality, and their gear tends to stand up very well.

Pro Pedals USB
F16 Combatstick USB
F16 Fighterstick
Pro Throttle
Pro Pedals

HOTAS Support Gear
  Simped Rudder Pedals and H.O.T.A.S.S
Simped Hoffman Electronics is a small company located in beautiful Southern Bavaria. They specialize in individual electronic solutions, and have designed some very high quality rudder pedals... Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a device that mounted our HOTAS off our desk. Enter the H.O.T.A.S.S. from Fighter Systems.

Simped Pedals
Fighter Systems HOTASS
 Fighter Systems RPI

Thrustmaster Gear
  F22 Pro, TQS, Attack Throttle and Others
TQS Thrustmaster makes a complete line of controllers, the most recent being the F22 Pro and the F16 TQS. The F22 Pro is able to hold a number of config files in memory at the same time. For programming TM gear you can't beat James Hallows Fox2.

TM Programming: Fox 2

Saitek Products
  X36 System, PC Dash, Gamepads, Cyborg 3d, R4 Racing Wheel, PC-Dash
X36 Saitek's PC-Dash 2 is totally redesigned from the tip of its USB plug to its glowing LED mini-joystick; and the new SGE installation program is much more ‘intelligent’ than previous versions. Kurt "Froglips" Giesselman takes a closer look. Other Saitek Articles:
Logitech Products
Wingman Force Logitech recently entered the force feedback market with an excellent new product! Check out their wingman force, which supports separate rudder pedals.

Microsoft Products
  Sidewinder Pro, Sidewinder Force
Software Microsofts force feedback stick is a solid product for those prop sims or if you don't play the more advanced simulations like F15. With an onboard CPU and having eliminated the need for a serial connection, installation is quick and painless, and Gaming Device software makes programming easy.


Sidewinder Precision Pro

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