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3d Surveys and Guides
  3dfx, Orchid, Metabyte, STB, Guillemot, Diamond, Creative Labs.
Speed Confused by technological jargon and product comparisons using a variety of benchmarks? We've tried most of these boards in the games you play, and we debunk the hype surrounding the type.

2d/3d Single Solution Video
  Nvidia, Guillemot, Matrox, Diamond, 3dfx, Elsa.
Prophet GeForce2 These boards provide a single board solution for 2d and 3d acceleration. With a variety of chipsets and features, and varying greatly in power and image qulaity, our reviews help you make a decision based on the games you play and the system resources you have.

Voodoo 3 Based Boards
  V3 2000, V3 3000, V3 3500
3d Quake 2 and Shogo are useless for comparing 3d board performance in combat flight simulators. What's a fella to do? We make the murky clear.

Voodoo 2 Based Boards
  Orchid, Metabyte, STB, Guillemot, Diamond, Creative Labs.
3dfx Here are the last generation of Voodoo boards, sporting twin texel processors and up to 12 meg of SDRAM.

Hardware Developer Interviews
  Metabyte, Matrox, ATI, 3dfx, Bitboys Oy.
ATI Who is behind the powerful video hardware you use in your PC? What are the features in the newest products from these makers? We ask the questions so you get the answers.

Monitor Reviews
  Viewsonic, SONY, MAG.
L700-2 The average home PC display is still stuck at 15 inches. However, many gamers have moved to 17" displays, and many others are migrating to 19" and 21". Which display is best for you?



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