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Optiquest V115
By Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Test System:

  • PII 400 MHz
  • 128 MB of SDRAM
  • Quantum Viking II SCSI 4.5 GB
  • Diamond Monster Fusion 16 MB
  • SB Live
  • Microsoft SS80
  • Toshiba CD ROM

Writing about a new video card is a challenge. Somehow one has to convey the impression of greater frame rate, better image quality etc. via words and pictures, when neither can really do justice to the improved experience. But even that challenge doesn't compare to trying to convey the experience of moving from a 19" display to a 21" display.

When I first conceived of an upgrade piece on a larger display, I really thought my impression would be, well... moderate. I wasn't expecting to be greatly impressed. After all, a 19" inch display is already above average, and it's a world beyond a 17" display.

The monitor I have been running on for the past year is a Viewsonic G790. It uses the full eighteen inches, and refresh is 95 at 1024x768, my standard WIN98 resolution. Image quality is excellent, far beyond my old MAG DX17. With that background, let's talk a bit about technical specs on the Optiquest V115.

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Specs on this monitor are very high and completely state of the art. The display is flat-square and uses an advanced INVAR shadow mask. The technical details of this technology are quite fascinating, since the mask is far more effective than the older technologies. In short, the old masking system used to turn a beam into a dot on your screen was very inefficient, and subject to distortion with heat. As a result, prior to this Swedish invention the old technology made for blurred images and less than crisp lines once the unit got warm.

New materials and new processes led to the development of the INVAR mask, which has actually been improved further since its introduction about ten years ago. Combine this with other advances including better anti-reflective coatings, and image quality is much better than it used to be, especially on these large monitors.

The V115 is capable of 1600x1200 resolution at 76 Hz. I am running my WIN95 display at 1024x768 and 116 Hz. WOW. Yes, its a very stable display. The tube itself is a .26 dot pitch (.22H, .14V mm).

As a state of the art monitor, the V115 offers on screen adjustments for virtually every parameter you can imagine. For the graphics artists out there, you can even adjust color temperature and individual color intensity for screen-to-print color matching. Now on to first impressions.

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