Audio Hardware Reviews 1996 - September 2000


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Audio Hardware Reviews 1996 - September 2000:


R e v i e w
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
Previous generations of consumer (not professional) sound cards did just what they were supposed to…they produced sound. Today Turtle Beach has changed home computer audio. Digital Signal Processing, DSP, a part of home theater and home audio for many years, finally comes to the common man.

Sennheiser HD-490 Live
Click to Proceed Mike "von Krarr" Kovacs gives us an excellent review on Sennheiser's HD-490 Live headphones. These 'phones are an excellent gaming solution in the $75-$100 range for the simulation gamer.
PCI Sound     H a r d w a r e
     Turtle Beach, Guillemot, Diamond, Creative Labs
TB Montego II

Confused by technological jargon and CPU usage stats? Don't know EAX from FPS? Wondering about digital vs. analog? We've tried most of these boards in the games you play, and we debunk the hype surrounding the type.

ISA Sound     H a r d w a r e
     Ubisoft, Turtle Beach, Orchid

You don't always need PCI for a good sound solution, and many of these boards even has an onboard DSP for acceleration.

Sound Board    S u r v e y s
     PCI Based Sound Boards

What chipset is used in that sound board you read about? Which sound boards actually offload the CPU, and by how much? Which have the most accelerated channels? We survey the scene to answer your questions.

PC Sound    S y s t e m s
     Cambridge Soundworks, Kenwood, Microsoft and Others

Once you've found yourself a sound board, you need to find some speakers. Four is good, and five is ideal, and a good sub-woofer stuffed under your chair will add depth and THUMP to your sound that you never knew was there!

PC Voice Control
     Game Commander, Verbal Commander, Roger Wilco and Others
GC Tired of looking for keys when you want to say "Cover me," or "Engage my target?" With Game Commander, you no longer have to.

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