War Thunder is Now Available on Steam
Posted by Donster on: 2013-08-16 16:00:50 223
The War Thunder Brand Continues Its Growth On Platforms That Include PC, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4 and Now Steam.

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of multi-platform video games and winner of numerous industry awards, announced that their military MMO War Thunder is now available on Steam.

“Earlier this year, the amazing community on Steam was gracious enough to support War Thunder and help get us approved. Even though War Thunder currently has more than 3 million players in Open Beta, the best way to achieve success in the PC gaming industry is to have the support of the Steam community and we are glad to be a part of it. We look forward to growing the War Thunder brand and Steam is the next important step in this process,” said Anton Yudintsev, CEO, Gaijin Entertainment.

In addition to War Thunder being available on Steam for free, Gaijin Entertainment released a very special content pack exclusively for Steam called the War Thunder Steam Pack.

More information is available at the official War Thunder Website.

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