'War Thunder' Begins Third Wave Ground Forces Closed Beta
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Announces Massive Spring Content Update with New Aircraft, User Generated Content and More

The third wave of Closed Beta for Ground Forces has begun, opening up the newest portion of popular hit franchise and military MMO game War Thunder to more players, including those that have completed the November challenges and have purchased the War Thunder starter packs. Starter packs provide players with a variety of rare tanks and a head start in the Open Beta which will begin after the third wave. Through the third wave, players can test all models of tanks that will be accessible in open beta. For more information and to purchase starter packs to enter the final phase of Ground Forces closed beta, please visit: http://warthunder.com/store/

In addition to the final wave of Ground Forces closed beta, Gaijin Entertainment have also announced the biggest game update yet, that will go live this Spring (Update 1.39).

Features will include*:

  • User Generated Content - The release of tools for creating user-generated content. Players will be able to create their own planes, locations and missions, as well as their own unique camouflage patterns for their planes.
  • New Aircraft - The update will introduce 18 new planes in the world of War Thunder, that were in service in Germany and Japan during the Korean War era and later, these include MiG-15, North American F-82 Twin Mustang and F-086 F-30 of the Japanese SDF.
  • Squadrons - New features for Squadrons including special events and Squadron Vs Squadron battles.
  • Interface - Faster statistics and map, improved crew and control settings interface.
  • Ground Forces - As the closed beta test is at full swing, the team hope to introduce player controlled units.
  • Flight Model - Introducing the ability for planes to overheat and control heaviness to all aircraft.

*All features are currently in development, but Gaijin cannot guarantee that all will be included in the Spring update

To download War Thunder for free from the official website and join in a heated battle to dominate the skies: http://warthunder.com

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