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Abacus's Flight Simulator WWII Try-Buy Aircraft
Abacus is best known for their Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons and MS Combat Flight Simulator add-ons like Guadalcanal Raid and CoPilot. Part of their Premier Collection add-ons are four World War II era aircraft obtainable through their innovative 'Try-Before-You-Buy' offering. As Peter Waddell explains, there are some factors to consider before you make your final purchase.

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Click to Proceed Kurt Giesselman takes a look at the latest version of Gunship from Microprose. He examines Gunship! from the opening of the box to the campaign. This is a two part review.

Gunship! Part II
Gunship! Part I

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Ka-52 Team Alligator
Click to Proceed This helicopter simulation is the first of four highly anticipated chopper sims to hit the streets, and we have a good first impression of this latest simulation from SIMIS.

Ka-52 Team Alligator Part I
Ka-52 Team Alligator Part II

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Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche vs. KA-52 Hokum
Click to Proceed Although not yet released in North America, Kurt "Froglips" Giesselman and "Zero G" examine the European release of Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche vs. KA-52 Hokum.

Enemy Engaged Part I
Enemy Engaged Part II

Air Combat  R e v i e w
   by Garra Cornish     Combat Flight Sim Upgrades
F4 It has been a while since COMBATSIM.COM has run an article regarding Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (CFS), but since the folks at The Associate recently cranked out a Pacific theatre and Luftwaffe Collection upgrade for it, we decided to have another look at this WW II sim.

Combat Flight Sim Upgrades

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  European Air War

Sporting a fully dynamic campaign system, EAW is the choice for an immersive WW2 experience. We have listed all articles related to EAW for your convenience:

MarkShot's European Air War Strat Guide
The EAW Family
EAW 1.2 Update
Flight Performance in EAW
EAW Review
EAW Aircraft
Battle of Britain I

Air Combat  R e v i e w
   by D. Eric "Snacko" Marlow     DI's FA-18E Super Hornet
F4 DI should be given kudos for their attempt at creating a introduction video that sets the overall tone of the simulation, but DI should have saved its money, based on the end-result. The problem is not so much with the story line premise, the action, or the editing - the setback lies in the script, acting, and included military inaccuracies.

DI's FA-18E Super Hornet

Air Combat  R e v i e w
  by Jim "Twitch" Tittle     Nations: Fighter Command
F4 You will feel the nostalgia! I don't mean that Nations Fighter Command will immerse you in the feel of WWII air combat. What I mean is that you will feel as though you are running the pre-historic, 1980s sim Battlehawks 1942 in 2000!

Nations: Fighter Command

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  Jane's F/A 18
F4 Jane's seemed to have one thing in mind when they made this sim: to make the pilot feel like they are an integral part of an air campaign. They have once again designed a product that appeals to a wide audience.

Jane's F/A-18 Patch 1.01F
Jane's F/A Review
Jane's F/A 18 Index

Air Combat  R e v i e w
  by Garra Cornish     Aces High 1.0
F4 New to the realm of World War II on-line simulations is HiTech Creations's Aces High. This ambitious project has been in a state of open beta since late September of last year. Now, five months later, Aces High (AH) is ready for prime time

Aces High 1.0 Review

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  Falcon 4
IMAGE Latest Addition:
Lost in the Falcon 4 Plus jungle? Adrift in a sea of patches? Don't your iBeta from your eRAZOR? Don't panic, help is on the way. Bob "Groucho" Marks will help you battle F4 patch confusion with the help of his guide, some downloads, and a crowbar. Read on through the latest installment of F4Plus, including the scoop on what's so darned special about the new eFalcon v1.0795
The Onramp to F4Plus: A Guide to Patching Falcon 4.0

More Resources:
iBeta's Realism Patch 3 and B-1B Mod
F4 1.08 Review
F4 1.08 Readme
F4 Review
Click here for more Falcon 4 Info

Air Combat    R e v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson and Bob "Groucho" Marks        USAF
USAF USAF isn't a Novalogic sim, where systems are simplified and the emphasis is on action. Neither is it Falcon 4.0, where each system is replicated in exacting detail, requiring many hours of practice at high levels of realism. USAF stands firmly in the middle and succeeds admirably.

USAF Review

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  Flanker 2.0
LOGO Not since the long anticipated unveiling of Falcon 4.0 has the combat flight sim community witnessed such a quantum leap in technology and excellence.

Flanker 2.02: Sweating the Little Stuff
Flanker 2.0
Flanker 2.0 and A Stealthy Christmas

Air Combat    R e v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson        MiG Alley
MiG MiG Alley has it all: five aircraft to fly , a dynamic campaign and the only current simulation set in the Korean war.

MiG Alley Review
MiG Alley Index

Air Combat    R e v i e w
by Dennis Greene        Fighter Squadron
FSSD The much anticipated and release of Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe (FS:SDOE), a World War II combat aircraft simulation, happened in late February. FS:SDOE, published by ActiVision and created by ParSoft, hit the gaming community like a bomb, polarizing the hard core community overnight. What warranted so much attention?

Fighter Squadron
Fighter Squadron FM Update

Air Combat    R e v i e w
by Major JG2 "FireCat!"        Red Baron II 3d
L3 This review covers the Multi-Player segment of Red Baron 3D. This World War I flight sim was originally released in December, 1997 as Red Baron II, but immediately began a 9 month period of revision which led to Red Baron II 3D.

Red Baron II 3d

Air Combat  R e v i e w
by Eric Marlow     Razorworks Apache-Havoc

I'm partial to military technology, and the AH-64 Apache/Mi-28 Havoc combination represents the best of the operational helicopter technologies that the American and former Soviet-bloc countries have to offer. In this single package Empire and Razorworks have fielded a simulation that offers action in both the Apache and the Havoc.


Air Combat  R e v i e w
by Gavin Bennett     F16 Aggressor

A military flight simulation is a game which attempts to simulate the experience of a pilot flying in a war. This means that the war is as important as the aircraft and the experience must be believable, and it raises many questions about the subject matter at hand, F-16 Aggressor by Virgin Interactive.

F16 Aggressor

Air Combat  R e v i e w
by Thomas "AV8R" Spann     WW2 Fighters

One of 1998ís most highly anticipated military flight simulations has finally hit the virtual European geography with a big impact. Janeís WW2 Fighters is here, but does it fulfill our expectations? Here are all four parts of our review as we attempt to discern myth from legend. (Note: correction made on drag modeling).

WW2 Fighters

Seven Legends Remembered

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