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Jane's F/A-18 Version 1.01F (Patch)
By Raul "Datajack" Rodriguez

I have to say that I was anxiously awaiting this patch. Many times I asked myself, "Will it be worth the wait?" In this review I will try to answer that question. You can always break down patches into three categories:

  • Fixes: Fixes are simply that. Known bugs that were found after release that have been fixed in the patch. Fixes are broken down by categories (Crashes to Desktop, Multiplayer, etc..) and I will cover each of these below.
  • Enhancements/Changes: These are additions to the game, or changes in the games behavior to make it play better, or more realistically.
  • Unanswered Wish List: This is that long list of suggestions that were requested (or outright demanded) by those who play the simulation that didn't make it into the patch.

Before I go on, here are the system specs for my computer, which I used to test the patch: Windows 98 Release 2, Pentium III 450, 128MB Ram, Voodoo2 12MB (latest drivers from, DX7a, AWE 64 Sound Card, 6 GB IDE Hard Drive, Tech Systems 15 inch monitor, SunCom HOTAS (F15 Talon, SFS Throttle), 1 Quickshot MasterPilot w/programmer, 1 PI Engineering X-Key Pro USB, US Robotics 33.6 modem,1 six-pack of Mega Jolt (double the caffeine!)

My intention with this article is NOT to cover every single fix that was included in the patch, but to cover those that are most important. I refer you to the readme file included in the patch for full details of all fixes. Check the end of this review for a link to the readme.


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