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Ka-52 Team Alligator Part II
By Zero G

As many of you know I was a beta tester on the project and I also released a custom FM for it. On top of this I also have collected a list of bugs that players wanted fixed and sent it off to SIMIS. I think this gives me enough knowledge on the sim, with enough time looking at both the good and the bad sides to give a fair look. In this part of the review I will take a look at the campaigns, weapons, in game units and the multiplay. Also being the way I am (read: loud mouthed) I will touch on some other things in the final overview as well.

500kg bombs score a direct hit.
Fig. 1. 500kg bombs score a direct hit.


There are two campaigns to play in KA-52 TA, Tajikistan and Belarus. They are both eastern equipment vs eastern equipment scenarios. The campaign system in KA-52 TA is a semi-dynamic set-up that allows for rescue missions to be added on the fly. The missions are quite well set-up but you are able to complete the campaigns fairly quickly. While you are playing the missions it often leaves you feeling like they are not linked in any way like a dynamic campaign or a story-based mission set would. I am not the type of person that feels that a sim needs a dynamic campaign but I must say that without a mission generator or a custom mission maker this system will hurt KA-52 TA in the long term replayablity. It is nice to be able to do rescue missions in TA when a friendly helo is shot down and there are survivors. Overall I do enjoy the missions and the campaigns that are given to play but marks must be taken away for the fact that you will have been able to play all included missions in a couple of weeks. They offer enough of a challenge that you can play them a few times but lets hope that SIMIS makes FSTK 2 compatible with mission making for KA-52 TA.

External BDA shows the scorched earth.
Fig. 2. External BDA shows the scorched earth.


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