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The Milia D'Or Awards were held in Cannes February 6-8, the "Oscars" of the game industry. DID won the Grand Best Game Award for ADF!

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The F22 Platform and Modern Air Doctrine: the Real F22

The Lockheed F-22 program manager, Al Pruden, describes how the Lockheed-Boeing-General Dynamics team met or exceeded all the Air Force requirements for the next-generation air-superiority fighter. From the beginning, the plan was to build a prototype that represented very high aerodynamic fidelity with the production aircraft, reducing the risk for engineering and manufacturing development and providing a high level of confidence to the Air Force. F22 ASF

F22 ADF and Total Air War with its new dynamic campaign engine are loosely based on the theories of Colonel John Warden III, the architect behind the victory in Desert Storm. Here are his theories and related articles:



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