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Combat Pilot for Combat Flight Simulator
by Ted Worthen

The Associates design software for FS 97 and FS 98. Their collection is huge, and has reviewed the RAF Collection, comprising a total of thirty aircraft that can be flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as a batch of other add-ons including the Global Scenery Upgrade and others.

Now if your arena of interest doesn't happen to be civil sims, maybe this new product is more to your liking. Combat Pilot has just been released, allowing you to fly fighters, attack and reconnaissance aircraft from the Second World War European theatre. Aircraft from the RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe are represented in this new package. Included:

  • V1 Buzz Bomb
  • Me163 Komet
  • RAF Typhoon
  • P38 Lightning
  • P51B Mustang
  • JU87 Stuka
  • Piper L4 Grasshopper

P38 Cockpit
P38 Cockpit. Click for 1024x768.

I confess that in spite of the marketing info, I was doubtful whether the modeling would live up to the detail of CFS. But indeed, the cockpits are every bit as gorgeous as those in Microsofts' sim.


Equally important, each aircraft features unique moving control surfaces (rudder, ailerons, etc.) and animated landing gear. Even the undercarriage dolly on the Me 163 Komet drops away from the aircraft, and there are special launch ramps modelled for the V1. The only concession to plain fun in this release is the ability to fly the manned version of the V1.


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The cockpits alone show that careful research has been done, but paint schemes show similar fine attention to detail. Armament is historical, and damage and flight dynamics seem up to par with CFS. And yes, for those who are interested, two liveries of each type of aircraft are included making a total of 14. The manual supplies a history of each aircraft type.



P51b Cockpit


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