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Tank Combat Reviews 1996 - September 2000:
R e v i e w
Roaring Steel Beasts
Panzer Elite moved WW II armor sims into the 21st Century. Steel Beasts promised to do the same. Did it?

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by Maurice Fitzgerald     Panzer General 3D Assault
SH SSI, the creators of the "General" series of games first brought to fame by "Panzer General" and then their last release "People’s General" has taken a new tack with their famous series. Panzer General is back, but this time in bold 3D, bringing an all new look and feel to this familiar and highly popular series.

Panzer General 3D Assault

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by Moe Fitzgerald     Armored Fist III
SH Novalogic has recently released the third installment in their Armored Fist series. Novalogic is a developer known for their melding of military simulations with hot gameplay to make fun, accessible games anyone can pick up with a minimal learning curve.

AF3 Review

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by James Cobb     Panzer Elite
LOGO Panzer Elite is the creation of Wings Simulations and represents World War II platoon-level tank warfare. It is extremely focused on details and realism, and is limited to German/American actions from late 1942 to mid-1943, the theaters of operations of North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Normandy.

Panzer Elite

Armor Combat  R e v i e w
  by Neil Mouneimne     Spearhead

After a series of previews here, Spearhead has broken out of the motor pool and is rampaging through your local software store. Spearhead scores on a few points, but other things will make players simply shake their heads and ask themselves, "Why?"


Armor Interview

Armor Combat  R e v i e w
by Maurice Fitzgerald     Panzer Commander

SSI has just released Panzer Commander, a World War II tank sim developed by Ultimation for the PC. With the success of M1TPII, the stakes are higher than ever, but the team at Ultimation and SSI have answered the call for a quality WWII armor sim that sim fans should not miss.

Panzer Commander Review


Armor Combat  R e v i e w
by Neil Mouneimne     M1 Tank Platoon II

Microprose was acutely aware of how highly regarded their original tank simulation was and have been were determined to recapture the standard they originally set with M1TP. M1 Tank Platoon 2 is a demonstration of what happens when a company makes a "no-holds barred" attempt to conquer the tank sim genre once again. Here are all the reviews and ratings.

M1TP2 Final and Ratings
M1TP2: Part IV
M1TP2: Part I-III
M1 Tank Platoon Update
Spanish Version

Land Combat  T a c t i c s
by Moe Fitzgerald     Hull Down and Turret Positioning

The platoon leader develops the platoon maneuver plan so that it matches the commander's intent and specific instructions and supports the company main effort. He determines the platoon's route, movement technique, and formation based on his battle space (including terrain factors), the company scheme of maneuver, and the likelihood of enemy contact.

Formation and Movement

Armor Tactics I

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by Neil Mouneimne     iPanzer '44

Some time last year I reviewed iMagic's iM1A2 Abrams and I described it as a game with two personalities: it bordered "on utter greatness and utter disaster." iMagic's iPanzer '44 is very similar. It does some things amazingly well, and does other things very poorly. Like iM1A2 it can be very entertaining. Let's take a closer look at those strengths and weaknesses.

iPanzer '44

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by Leonard Hjalmarson     Armored Fist II

Armored Fist II is not for the faint hearted. Its true that it isn't an attempt at ultimate realism, but this means that the learning curve is relatively shallow and the fun factor is high. Novalogic is genius at accomplishing this fine balance between action and immersion.

Armored Fist II

LA Times: Non Virtual Reality

AF2 Interview

Land Combat  F e a t u r e
     FM 17-15 Field Manual
Hull Down

This manual describes how the tank platoon fights, focusing on the principles of platoon operations and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) the platoon uses to exploit its combat power and minimize its vulnerabilities while conducting move, attack, and defend operations. FM 17-15 is for tank platoon leaders and members of M60A3, M1, M1A1, M1A2, and M8-AGS crews.

FM 17-15

Land Combat  R e v i e w
by Neil Mouneimne     iM1A2 Abrams

Revisiting their earlier success, Interactive Magic released a new version of their earlier sim. Based on General Dynamics Land Systems' latest and greatest armored vehicle, the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, this sim promises realism previously unknown in this area. For raw tension and involvement iM1A2 is a success.

IMagic M1A2 Abrams

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