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Tank Combat Previews 1996 - October 2000:


P r e v i e w
Panzer General III: Scorched Earth
Can you remember the pleasure of watching your battalions of tiny die-cast tanks sweep majestically over the rolling hills of a bunched up carpet? Did you enjoy twanging matchsticks out of model cannons to decimate serried ranks of plastic soldiers? Ah, the simple joys of tabletop wargaming. For those of us who remember such things fondly (but whose knees now object to spending long periods shuffling around on the floor) help is at hand in the form of the latest offering in the Panzer General series.

P r e v i e w
Steel Beasts
Click to Proceed Who says that realism must be compromised to produce a marketable simulation? As James Cobb explains, Shrapnel Games and eSims say that such a compromise is not necessary and are setting out to prove it with their modern tank sim, Steel Beasts. This is our second preview of a late beta.

Steel Beasts

Gunship and M1 Tank Platoon III
IMAGE Tim Goodlett was the producer of M1 Tank Platoon II. Inevitably, players offered many suggestions for improvement, and many of those were incorporated into a design spec for a new pair of interconnectable sims: Gunship and M1 Tank Platoon III (Tank).

Gunship and M1TP3 Interview

Preview and Interview
Panzer Elite Hands-On
BOX Panzer Elite roars onto PC screens everywhere in a few more weeks. Is this the best WWII armor simulation of the century?

Wings Interview
Panzer Elite Beta Report
March, '99 Update

Sand, Wind and Cannon
M1A1 I stand in the Tank Commander's hatch of my M1A1 tank, fighting off a lethargic drowsiness. The rest of my crew, a driver, gunner and loader are dozing, but are under orders not to fall asleep.

Sand, Wind and Cannon

Preview Exclusive
Steel Beasts
LOGO As a former tread head I'm pleased to bring my fellow tread heads an exclusive on a new tank simulation in the works titled "Steel Beasts." From what I've seen so far I'm psyched to see Steel Beasts completed and on everyone's hard drives.

Steel Beasts

Armor Combat - Survey:
by Neil Mouneimne and Leonard Hjalmarson State of the Armor  

In 1997 we saw the release of two armor simulations, both very different from the other. In 1998 we are going to see Microprose, Zombie Interactive/MAK Technologies, Interactive Magic, and SSI make new entries in the tank simulation genre. These sims will feature a variety of approaches to campaign, graphics, integration, and historical setting.

Armor Survey: 1998

Air Combat - Interview:
by Neil Mouneimne In the Belly of the Whale  

What is it really like to be in the belly of a 15 ton killing machine? How do the various armor simulations stand up against the actual experience? Jeff Babineau of the 209th VFS Deltahawks answers our questions on the real thing!

Armor Interview

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