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Editorial Articles 1996 to August 2000:


E d i t o r i a l
Can I have my money back please?
In recent years, the computer games industry has moved out of the age of bedroom programmers, and into the age of multi-national companies. In many respects, this is a good thing; larger companies mean larger development budgets and more games with ambitious design spec's. Unfortunately, it also means that games are no longer designed by passionate individuals who take pride in their work. As Steve MacGregor explains, games seem to be designed and developed by faceless marketing divisions who are solely interested in moving product and produced solely based on how much revenue they can generate.

Can I have my money back please?

E d i t o r i a l
Simulated Future
Nigel Doyle's Editorial on the current status of Combat Simulations takes look at a possible solution for the 'hard-core' gamer.

Simulated Future

F e a t u r e
E3 in Review
Click to Proceed Jim Tittle takes us on his tour of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles last month. He takes a close look at upcoming simulators like B-17 "The Mighty Eighth" from Hasbro, and a variety of new and exciting products to be released this year.

E3 in Review

E d i t o r i a l
The New Millenium
Click to Proceed E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angles was a wonderland of new hardware and software, either new or soon-to-be released. As Kurt Giesselman explains, it was also an eye opening experience as it offered insight to where the industry is headed in the near future.

The New Millenium

Op Ed
Is There a Future for Hardcore Sims?
Click to Proceed

With the dearth of hardcore sims on offer at this year's E3, should we be getting nervous about the future of hardcore combat simulation? Site publisher, Douglas Helmer, gives his take on the situation and offers some suggestions as to how the community might be able to hasten the return of the hardcore sim.

Is There a Future for Hardcore Sims?

E d i t o r i a l
SDOE 1 Year Later
Click to Proceed When "Fighter Squadron The Screamin Demons Over Europe" came out just over a year ago, it was a highly anticipated WWII sim. A game which would allow the player the ability to fly bombers and man the various gun positions, as well as the inclusion of a mission editor which made it possible to design your own missions, and take part in what was promised to be a stable multiplayer environment where up to 16 of your friends could wage war beside you in either co-operative missions, or free for alls.

SDOE: 1 Year Later

Guest Editorial
To Padlock or Not to Padlock
F22 Padlock. That single word can start some of the longest and most heated debates among the flight sim crowd. Why is that? The cliché that we've all heard a thousand times now is that "it's a crutch." While the majority of flight sims released in the past several years have included some form of padlock view, there are still a few (notably online games) that don't.

To Padlock or Not to Padlock

The Art and Science of Sim Design
F15 Immersion... the willing suspension of disbelief. Just what makes a simulation appealing anyway?

The Art and the Science of Sim Design

Guest Editorial
F22 Flameout: Will the US Congress Eject?
F22 Military sim enthusiasts are concerned when a major fighter program is cut, not just as PC software consumers, but as humans with a genuine interest in future technologies that can make the world safer.

F22 Flameout: Will Congress Eject?

Multiplayer Gaming: Beginning or the End?
LOGO If massively multi-player online gaming falls apart it won't be from business or creative factors. The blood will be on our hands, because cheating by the participants is the greatest single threat to the continued success and growth of the online market.

Multiplayer Gaming

Evolution in Simulation Development
LOGO We saw it with F22 Lightning II and then Lightning III. DiD did it with F22 ADF and Total Air War. Now everyone is doing it. Is it a good thing for the industry or the gamer?

Evolution in Sim Development

Flight Models in Combat Flight Sims
EM Is the flight model in serious simulations a help or a hindrance to enthusiasm and sales figures? TOMB defends the accurate flight model.

Flight Models in Combat Flight Sims

A Hardware Future?
image On August 21st Gamesdomain posted an article questioning the future of hardcore simulations. We tell you why the future is secure.

The Hardcore Future

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