Microsoft's Anti-PC Gaming Policy
Posted by Donster on: 2008-07-02 17:13:37 490
Microsoft Game Studios Europe Q&A Part 2 on talks with Peter Zetterberg about the gaming scene (Thx:Blue's News). One bit highlighted here seems a pretty tacit admission that Microsoft's approach to cross-platform releases is meant to promote the Xbox 360 at the expense of the PC, offering support for theories that the PC sometimes gets the short end of a conflict of interest situation:

"On a global scale the Windows Vista business is as important as our Xbox 360 business. But in Germany for example, we want more gamers to buy our Xbox 360,” he said in an interview published today.

"If we launch a game that is on 360 and PC simultaneously, we basically shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing the German market to choose to play the PC version – because they are more likely to buy that than spend their money on the Xbox 360."

"If we launched a Halo game on PC and 360 in Germany simultaneously, 80 per cent of sales would be on the PC," he added.

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