Valve Releases Detailed Day of Defeat Stats
Posted by Donster on: 2006-04-10 14:05:35 590
By Sean Drummy @ The Wargamer

In Valve's weekly update announcement, the Day of Defeat development team has released word that they put together a Day of Defeat: Source "War Status Report" web site showing lots of detailed gameplay statistics. This site will include general information like total kill to death ratio for all classes of all players on Steam in addition to the more esoteric type of gaming statistics. For instance, Valve reports based on perusing the stats page that the Axis K98 rifle is most accurate when used at a distance of approximately 58 feet from the target and that if you're playing as Axis on the map Donner its not very likely that you're going to win the map.

To run the stats page, boot up Steam, go to the press release, and click on the stats page link. (link will open Steam for you if its not already running)

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