Preview: The First 90 Minutes of Mass Effect 3
Posted by Donster on: 2012-02-03 16:22:48 185
The beginning of the end of the world.

By Keza MacDonald, IGN UK

When I first started playing Mass Effect, I set out to behave like a stony-hearted space-bitch. I was going to take the universe for everything it had: credits, loot, fame, blue ladies, the lot. It didn't last long. By the beginning of Mass Effect 2, my red-headed Shepard – whom I'd designed to look especially stern in the character creator – was just as soft as I am in real life, all helping people out with their personal disputes and taking on pro bono missions for the greater good and patiently listening to her squad-mates' problems. I couldn't even bring myself to make her cheat on Kaidan with Thane.

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