K.O.S. Secret Operations - Closed Beta Registration Begins
Posted by Donster on: 2009-09-25 18:24:30 7945
Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive today opened their closed beta testing registration for their new MMO game, K.O.S. Secret Operations, a free-to-play first person shooter (FPS) game for PC.

“We’re all very excited here to launch the K.O.S. beta test next week,” said Brian Udarbe, Lead of YNK Interactive’s K.O.S. Division. “The features we’re packing into the game have been designed with the players in mind, and we’re testing it with some of the top FPS players and clans in the world alongside thousands of players new to first person shooters. The community is already buzzing and we’ll be working hard to keep them happy.”

New recruits are invited to register at www.DONTBLYNK.com for a chance to join the closed beta testing for K.O.S. Secret Operations, which begins September 29, 2009. Current players of YNK Interactive’s games are automatically granted access to closed beta testing. Beta keys are also being distributed on various gaming sites.

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