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Logitech Wingman Force

by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson



  • Easy to Install, USB
  • Self calibrating
  • Programmable
  • Choice of USB or Serial port
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Support built into DX5 forward
  • More sensitive than MS Sidewinder FF Pro
  • Pedal support in software

Test System:

  • PII 300, 96 meg SDRAM
  • ASUS P2L97
  • Matrox Mystique G200 16 meg
  • Metabyte Wicked3d-2 12 meg
  • 24x Toshiba EIDE CD ROM
  • Quantem 4.2 GB
  • TB Malibu
  • CH Pro Pedals
  • Quickshot Masterpilot

Ed. Note: This review has been updated since the release of new drivers has allowed this stick to be used WITH rudder pedals. Read through to the end for the new information...

I've been a big believer in force feedback since before the release of the first force joystick to hit the market, the CH Products Force FX. I admit that these products, like any new technology, have been a bit over-hyped, but until you try them for yourself you can't believe how much they add to a simulation like EAW or MiG Alley.

One of the best early implementations of force feedback was in Rowan's Flying Corps Gold. I used to play this one often on my Force FX, SUNCOM SFS combo, and it was a powerful sim experience with force feedback enabled.

Red Baron II3d. Click for larger.

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As a USB device (YES!) the Wingman Force is state of the art. I attached the small connector to my unused USB port and plugged in the power. The unit detected immediately, in spite of having a current Thrustmaster duo attached to my game port.

I then opened the Game Controller applet in Control Panel to check the configuration. The stick was present as device 2 and just moving the stick brought it into calibration. It was that simple.

Campaign GUI
CFS Campaign GUI

I fired up the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim beta without accessing any software or running the Logitech Profiler install from the CD supplied. To my surprise and delight, I was able to use my Thrustmaster setup, including CH Pro pedals, simultaneously with the Logitech gear. Force feedback was detected and enabled automatically by CFS.

WOW. Too good to be true! The promise of USB seems to be true, and ease of installation is a HUGE plus. Next I fired up EAW to see if the same would hold true. Unfortunately, a bug in the initial release meant exiting and restarting the sim. But post 1.2 patch very few users have had that problem.

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