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Massively Multiplayer Simulations 1996 - April 2001:
P r e v i e w
WarBirds III Beta
If you like the idea of WWII fighter and bomber combat, against real live opponents, where hundreds of people can play simultaneously, then you need a massively multiplayer online sim like Air Warrior, Aces High, Fighter Ace, or WarBirds. If you want authentic flight, systems, and damage models, as well as outstanding graphics, you'll only want to look at either Aces High or WarBirds.

Len "Viking1" Hjalmarson files this series of four reports on the upcoming WarBirds III.

Simguild's Battle of Britain
BoB The Battle of Britain from SimGuild has been in beta for more than a month now. As a followup to Flying Circus, SimGuild continues to offer some great online adventure.

Battle of Britain

Aces High
LOGO In the beginning there was the Land of Warbirds. Over this land hovered HITECH and PYRO, who had lovingly created it. And many were the men and women from across the globe who came and saw the Land and the Air where dids't fly the aircraft of their forefathers. And the people were amazed.

Aces High Beta Preview

Live Chat Record
Air Warrior: Vietnam
AW Air Warrior and Warbirds: the original and great multiplayer combat prop sims. The next generation will arrive soon, but this time in Vietnam!

Air Warrior: Vietnam

Fighter Ace II
FAII Peter Connelly, Producer of Microsoft Fighter Ace II, answers our questions on the second in the series for this online combat flight sim.

Fighter Ace II Interview
Fighter Ace II Beta Preview

Playnet: WW2 Online
BOX You thought JANE'S World War was the only virtual battlefield that would bring together air, land and sea in one huge virtual world? Wrong! Playnet Inc. has similar plans for world domination! See also these other recent interviews.

WWII Online Interview

WB I downloaded the complete Imagic Warbirds/Dawn of Aces and Air Warrior 3 games online for free, but later I purchased the "boxed" version of AW3 for the offline missions and mission editor. Finally, last Christmas I purchased WW2 Fighter's, but I freely admit I prefer Warbirds (WB) to any of these.

Warbirds Interview

F22 Lightning III
FSSD Novalogic recently released F-22 Lightning III as the latest in their Lockheed/Martin fighter series and the third of their F22 sims. Novalogic continues their tradition of ease of access and massive multiplayer air combat via

F22 Lightning III

Red Baron II
L3 This review covers the Multi-Player segment of Red Baron 3D. This World War I flight sim was originally released in December, 1997 as Red Baron II, but immediately began a 9 month period of revision which led to Red Baron II 3D.

Red Baron II 3d

Simguild: Flying Circus
IMAGE Simguild is a group of WWI sim fanatics who have produced a solid online simulation called Flying Circus. This undiscovered Internet treasure is well known to many Warbirds regulars, and is fast attracting interest around the globe. The principals agreed to answer our questions.

Flying Circus

iMagic: Dawn of Aces
LOGO Dawn Of Aces has delivered what looks to be the best of both its predecessors. DOA has 3D graphics and sounds akin to FCGOLD, and has the flight model and Internet gameplay of RB2.

Dawn of Aces

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