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Naval Combat Reviews 1996 - March 2001:
R e v i e w
Age of Sail II - Close to the Knacker's Yard
Armed with a new engine, new graphics and a better idea of what gamers want, Talonsoft and Akella have sortied out in an attempt to rule the cyber seas as Britannia ruled the salt ones with Age of Sail II. The question is whether the gaming community will greet it as it would a Nelson or subject it to the fate of Admiral Byng, shot on his own quarterdeck to “encourage the others”?

F e a t u r e
The Warship Database Project V6.5
Click to Proceed The Warship Database Project is a massive overhaul of the original database files that came with Fleet Command. The primary goals of this project are to improve on the realism, accuracy, playability, and balance of the game. Steve MacGregor compares the original Fleet Command from Jane's to the project version.

The Warship Database Project V6.5

Naval Combat  R e v i e w
by Eric "Snacko" Marlow     Fighting Steel
BOX SSI is targeting the hard-core crowd with Fighting Steel, and I have been following this naval simulation since the 1998 Electronic Expo. More than a year has past and the simulation has undergone many substantial changes. Is she ship-shape and ready for action?

Fighting Steel

Naval Combat  R e v i e w
by Eric "Snacko" Marlow     Fleet Command
FC The real-time naval strategy genre has gone some time without a new product. Jane's Fleet Command, developed by the naval gurus at Sonalysts, brings something new to the table for those of us who enjoy our military simulations on the high seas. How well does it stand up under sustained fire?

Fleet Command
Fleet Command Primer

Naval Combat  I n t e r v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     Terry Jones: Sonalysts Interview

In 1997 Janes Combat Simulations released 688i Hunter/Killer, a WIN95 simulation that was unparalleled in its detailing of complicated systems. Sonalyst's Incorporated, under the guidance of Captain Terry Jones (USN, Retired), was behind the design of 688(i), and recently Mr. Jones gave us some of his time and this interview is the result.

Terry Jones Interview

Naval Combat  I n t e r v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     688i Campaign Disk and Aegis

Paul Grace and the design team responsible for 688i have been working hard to bring an under ice campaign to 688i. Better yet, there is a second simulation in the series that will allow for joint surface/undersea missions with 688i. YES! This is the second installment of a naval virtual battlefield!

Paul Grace Interview

The Earlier 688i Interview

Naval Combat    R e v i e w
by Brian Bradley     688I Hunter/Killer
688I Box What if a major military contractor designed the better part of a modern attack sub simulation? What if the hopes and dreams of the most demanding naval sim addicts were to be met in a completely new 688(I) sim? What if they had designed the sim as part of a modular virtual battlefield? Janes has done it! Go to:

688 I Hunter/Killer

688I New Screens

Naval Combat    R e v i e w
by Leonard Hjalmarson     Silent Hunter

SSI has long been known for attention to detail, and Silent Hunter has plenty of detail! I've enjoyed it, even more than AOD. For a complete review, and information on the patrol disk, go to

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter Patrol Disk II

Naval Combat    R e v i e w
by Rob Brady     Fast Attack

From 688, to SeaWolf, and then Fast Attack. Fans of the modern sub warfare scene haven't got much to complain about. For the lighter crowd, SSN fits in there somewhere. The modern sims allow the depth of challenge that the flight sim crowd are more accustomed to; there is always something to do; none of this point and shoot and pray stuff. And the opponents are not limited to surface ships with weak sonar!

Fast Attack

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