Civilian Aviation Articles 1996 to February 2001


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Civilian Aviation Articles 1996 to February 2001:


R e v i e w
767 Pilot in Command
Civilian sims too tame and simplistic for a swaggering BSD hardcore combat simmer like yourself? Need a real challenge to make a*s & trash haulers exciting?

Wilco Publishing's 767 Pilot in Command has your white knuckles here, baby. Bob "Groucho" Marks is your Captain Speaking as he determines whether the next hop will be just another day at the office or a NTSB statistic.

R e v i e w
Extraordinary X-Plane
Are guilty of stating "I don't care about eye candy, I want REAL flight dynamics." Well, buck-o, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Bob "Groucho" Marks takes Laminar Reseach's X-Plane for a spin (and a chandelle and roll or two) and reports that one guy alone can build one heck of a simulator.

R e v i e w
Airport 2000 Volume 2
With tough competition like Fly!2K and the lamented Flight Unlimited III, civsimmers loyal to Microsoft's Flight Sim 2000 have been looking for ways to increase immersion and realism. Wilco's Airport 2000 Vol. 2 is a stab at getting to that next plateau. Bob "Groucho" Marks steps away from his Falcon long enough to tell us why this is one Airport that should be avoided...

Flight Sim    R e v i e w
   By Ed Reddy      Civilian Sim Roundup
Image This match-up has taken only 5 rounds to come to a decision, not because each simulator has a lot of features that needed months of investigation, but because I had to change the way I scored the fight. After spending over one month with each product, I have come to a remarkable conclusion on Fly!, Flight UnlimitedIII, and Flight Simulator 2000

Civilian Sim Roundup:Fly,FUII,FS2000

Flight Sim    R e v i e w
   By Bob "Groucho" Marks      Fly!
Image I have blown far too many hours lately on Fly- hours that could have been better spent honing my Falcon weapons juggling techniques. That's not to say that I'm hanging up my g-suit for good, or that Fly is perfect- no way Jose`- but I think it conveys the complexities of modern aviation better than most of the code out there.


Flight Sim    F e a t u r e
   By Thomas "AV8R" Spann      Fly! vs. ProPilot '99
Image So far this year has produced two good civilian sims: Sierra's ProPilot '99 and Terminal Reality's Fly!

Fly! vs. ProPilot '99

Civil Aviation    I n t e r v i e w
   By Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson      Flight Unlimited III

We really wanted to create a flight simulator that gave each user the true joy and sensation of flight in the most realistic environment available. We are creating a simulator that will challenge the hard core user and be easy enough for the casual computer user.

Flight Unlimited III

Civil Aviation  R e v i e w
by Ed "Brandor" Reddy     Pro Pilot '99

For years, Microsoft has dominated the civilian Flight Simulation industry, as they do now with Flight Simulator98 (FS98). Dynamix is set to topple the reigning king with ProPilot '99.

Pro Pilot '99

Civil Aviation  Add On
by Ted Worthen     Add Ons for Flight Sim '98
Airport 2000

You've been looking for ways to expand your FS 98 world? Look no further than The Associates. Whether it's more geography or additional aircraft and airports, it's built as an add on for Flight Sim '98. Also included here is a note on No 1 (Attack) Squadron for MS CFS.

Add Ons for FS 98

RAF Collection

Civilian Sim  D o w n l o a d s
     FS 98 Military Archives

COMBATSIM.COM launches a new index dedicated to military downloads for Flight Sim '98. Submit your own aircraft designs here and check out this new index maintained by Ed "Brandor" Reddy of the 403rd VFS.

FS 98 Military Archives

Civil Flight Sim     R e v i e w
by Peter "Fighterjock" Waddell      Hang Sim

There are flight Sims and there are FLIGHT Sims. This Sim is a gem, a real little jewel, that just happens to have big plans. Thanks to it's author, one man from Italy, all of us Simming and flying addicts can experience the simplest, purest type of flight available to mankind to date (short of Icarus and his wax wings).. hang gliding.

Hang Sim

Civil Flight Sim     R e v i e w
by Paul "Blades" Papasavas      X-Plane

X-plane is a truly realistic simulator that uses real engineering prediction to model 3-dimensional flight in the computer's 2-dimensional world. Along with the superb flight model, X-Plane includes global digital elevation-mapped terrain, artificially intelligent ATC, an incredible aerodynamics engine for modeling any kind of aircraft you could ever imagine.

X Plane

Flight Sim '98 Add-On
   By Ed "Brandor" Reddy      FS Clouds and Wetter2

"What are product reviews for Flight Simulator 98 (FS98) doing on Combatsim?" Believe it or not, Microsoft's Flight Simulator 98 has a huge selection of Military Aircraft to fly, and not only that, but you can also tweak the sim for improved graphics and even generate dynamic weather!

FS Clouds and Wetter2

Spanish Version

Flight Sim Add-Ons
   By Peter Waddell      Combat in MS Flight Sim '98

Microsoft's Flight Simulator 98 has a huge selection of Military Aircraft to fly. Peter "Fighterjock" Waddell surveys the most popular aircraft and tells you where to find them.

FS Clouds and Wetter2

Air Combat   T r a i n i n g
   by David Lian     Understanding Spins

You're on your first solo stall. Power is back to idle. Nose and wings are level while speed bleeds away. You feel elevator buffetting through the stick as the stall warning sounds. The nose will drop very soon and you'll recover from the stall. Piece of cake. Except there's one small problem. While busy holding the nose and wings level, you somehow missed a developing yaw and rested some weight on the left pedal. The nose drops and the left wing flicks down viciously. Help!

Understanding Spins

Flight Sim Review
   By Neil Mouneimne      Flight Unlimited II

Flight Unlimited 2 is a completely different kind of game from its predecessor. This one clearly goes after the popular civil aviation genre that has always done very well, but has suffered for a lack of anything but the most incremental of improvements over the years.

Flight Unlimited II

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