Battlestations: Pacific Launch Trailer - Bombshell Beauties Nose Art
Posted by Donster on: 2009-05-08 17:16:33 1503
GameTrailers have posted the Exclusive Launch Trailer (01:30) for Battlestations: Pacific. "Relive the war, or rewrite it--the rest is history."

Eidos Interactive, via the Battlestations: Pacific News Page, have announced that they have created, a new website for you to create your very own WWII nose art. Featuring two gorgeous models striking classic pinup poses in four films, the site lets you select the perfect pose and then, using special art tools, create your own WWII Nose art.

Your nose art will appear on the side of a bomber or fighter plane in a post card that you can email to friends or download as a desktop wallpaper.

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