Two Battlestations: Pacific DLC Packs - One Available Today
Posted by Donster on: 2009-07-02 16:56:05 768
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Eidos Interactive announces the release a new pack for Battlestations: Pacific via Windows LIVE and Xbox LIVE today, with another pack planned for release on 23.

Today's new pack is called the "Mustang Pack", which adds six new units, including the P-51 Mustang (the Cadillac of the skies!) and the theoretical Super Yamato Class battleship, as well as 18 pieces of nose art. The new pack will set you back 160 points on the Windows LIVE or Xbox LIVE marketplaces. The other pack is called "The Carrier Battles Map Pack", which is planned for release on July 23 for 800 points. Here is how that's described:

"The Carrier Battles Map Pack gives gamers four new maps, playable across all five multiplayer modes. Take part in a clash of carriers at Midway, do battle at dawn in the mist of the Philippine Islands, experience the fury of Kamikaze attacks in the rocky islands of the Leyte Gulf and take control of your forces amongst the mountain peaks and glacial waters of the icy Aleutian Islands." More information and screenshots from the "Mustang Pack" is available via the official Battlestations: Pacific News Page.

Finally, the release of the promised "Volcano" map pack looks like it is now available.

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