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Tuesday July 30, 2002

PC News
America's Army Marksmanship Pack Details
An new update has been revealed for America's Army--the Marksmanship Pack--will be released in a matter of days. The core addition of the marksmanship pack is the sniper specialty, in which players who qualify with an "expert" score in the standard rifle test can access sniper training. Successful completion of sniper training is the only way to gain access to the M24 and M82A1 Barrett sniper rifles on official multiplayer servers.

This upcoming update to the downloadable Recon version of America's Army includes a few other features and fixes. It makes several changes to how players are kicked for injuring teammates, adds green tracers to enemy machine gun fire, and removes the requirement that all new players play the MOUT McKenna map before gaining access to the rest of the multiplayer maps. It will also add an in-game browser so players don't have to use the stand-alone GameSpy Arcade application to find servers.

Black Hawk Down Website Goes Live
NovaLogic has announced that the official website for Delta Force - Black Hawk Down has now gone live. The website contains information on the game, as well as new screenshots, desktop wallpapers, screensavers and information on the forthcoming Delta Force - Black Hawk Down multiplayer beta test. Future updates will include interviews with the development team, trailers, and much more. Delta Force - Black Hawk Down will ship on PC CD-ROM during October 2002.

Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Patch v1.00.07
Novalogic has released a new update for Delta Force: Task Force Dagger, NovaLogic's recent tactical shooter. This version 1.00.07 release addresses save game bugs, some missing resolution art, minor crash issues, speed trainer problems and adds a co-operatative mode to the game. Download
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