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Friday, June 9th, 2000

1823Z: Crosswind Simulations
  • A new combat simulator called Stormbird is in the works by Crosswind Simulations. It's based on the WWII German jet, the Me 262 and rocket interceptor, the Me 163. Click HERE for more details.
1639Z: Halflife & Counter Strike
  • Sierra has posted a new patch for Halflife to version 1.1 and Halflife:Opposing Force to version have also posted their newest edition of Counter Strike version 6.5 that includes Valves support. Click HERE to download Opposing Force, HERE for Halflife, and HERE for Counter-Strike patches, all from
1630Z: Red Wings Workshop 2.0
  • "Taller de las Alas Rojas 2.0" (Red Wings Workshop 2.0) has been released. It is a vastly improved new version of the original tool to manage Flanker 2.0 cockpits, scenery and camouflages. Click HERE for more details.
1600Z: Letter from Warship
  • Warship has sent us a letter on important news regarding their Falklands 1982 war and version 7.5 of their mod for Jane's Fleet Command. Click HERE to view.
1534Z: New Shrapnel Partner
  • Shrapnel Games have announced a partnership with online e-tailer, which allows our customers to order a CD with all their demos and patches on one CD. Details for ordering can be found on their website by clicking HERE.
Thursday, June 8th, 2000

2009Z: Contest
  • have announced a new contest based on results from their video benchmarking software: Video2000. To take part the contest (called Video Virtuosity) entrants are asked to run Video2000, and submit their results to's site using the Online ResultBrowser function of the software. Prizes include ATI's upcoming 'Radeon' video adapter, a DVD rom drive, a collection of HOT DVD titles as well as other goodies. Click HERE for more info.
2000Z: New Voodoo Banshee Win2K Drivers
  • 3DFX have posted beta Windows 2000 drivers for their Banshee video card. Click HERE for more info.
1952Z: Bob "Groucho" Marks
  • Our very own Bob "Groucho" Marks first edition of "Virtual Pilot" has appeared in this August's issue of Flight Journal Magazine. Our congrats go out to Bob!
1940Z: Hexadome Beta Testers Required
  • GameLive announced yesterday that Hexadome Version 2.0, a massively multi-player Web-Based strategy game, is now available for Beta Testing. Players all over the world can now take part in beta-testing the game. Click HERE for more info.
1920Z: Falcon 4 Cockpits

Fig. 1. Su-27

Fig. 2. Mig-29

Fig. 3. A-10

  • There are 3 new cockpits you can add to Falcon 4. The Mig29, Su27, and A-10 are available to download by clicking HERE
1835Z: MAC F/A-18 Hornet & Korea Patches
  • ../../index.htmThe Patches Scrolls has posted a variety of updates for Mac version of F/A-18 Hornet and F/A-18 Korea:
1635Z: WWII Fighters Resource Manager Update

  • A new build of WW2FRM was just posted. The new version now includes the ability to import resources into the WWWIF archives. Click HERE to view the readme, and HERE to download. ED note: WRT importing, you have to have exported first so the appropriate catalog.dat and header.dat files from SQZip have been created. Each resource volume, i.e. ww2.sqs, has it's own unique catalog.dat and header.dat. They are required by SQZip to import files into archive volumes
Wednesday, June 7th, 2000

1934Z: New IL-2 Sturmovik Videos
  • Maddox Games have posted several new action videos on their up-coming new title IL-2 Sturmovik. Click HERE to view.
1603Z: Jane's WWII Fighters Resource Manager

Fig. 1. WWII Resource Manager

  • A new utility called the Jane's WWII Fighters Resource Manager is in the works. The basic design for the WW2-FRM is to act as a GUI front-end to Steve Dickenson's SQZip. User scan preview object data, i.e., skins, textures, flight models, prior to extracting them. Click HERE to view the readme.
1545Z: Flanker2 AWACS Training
  • Ian Boys has posted a web site explaining how to take advantage of the Flanker 2.0 AWACS datalink. Most users will know how to use the AWACS to maintain situational awareness - aircraft vectors appear in the MFD in BVR mode. What may not be apparent to some is that the Flanker pilot can target these vectors and fire missiles at them. Click HERE for more info.
1530Z: Rogue Spear - Urban Ops Beta Patch
  • The beta patch for the US version of Urban Ops is available. This is a public beta test - all problems experienced after installing this patch should be sent to [email protected] Please do not email Technical Support on this matter. Click HERE to download from
1452Z: 405 - The Movie

  • Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt have created a short movie called 405. In just three months using their personal home computers and spare time, they put together an action-packed and funny short film. Click HERE to visit their site and to download their movie.
Tuesday, June 6th, 2000

2215Z: EA Speaks on Jane's Attack Squadron
  • This afternoon, we received the unfortunate news that the future Jane's Attack Squadron is in serious doubt. Jeff Brown, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, sent us this official press release.
2100Z: STK/EAW Updated
  • STK/EAW (Shoot to Kill / European Air War), MarkShots' strategy guide to 1v1 online play with full realism options has been updated. See "Special Topics" section at the end for new material. Click here to view.
1607Z: 3D Prophet II GTS 64 Meg Released
  • Guillemot have announced the release of the Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64 MB. The card offers DDR-RAM and 1.6 GigaTexels per second. The Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64 MB will be available at Babbages Etc, Best Buy, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Fry's Electronics, Future Shop and other fine retailers for $419.99 (US) by the end of the week.
1600Z: Fighter Ace II Update News
  • Microsoft has post information on the new Fighter Ace II patch due out soon. Click HERE for more details.
1548Z: 107th VNC Recruiting
  • The Commander of the 107th Virtual Naval Command has announced the re-opening of recruitment. The 107th VNF specialize in Jane’s flight and naval simulations. The 107th conduct their flight and fleet operations with Jane’s F-18 Hornet and Jane’s Fleet Command. Click HERE for more details.
1435Z: B-17 News
Monday, June 5th, 2000

1521Z: Ardennes Offensive
  • The Ardennes Offensive is a tank and infantry war game simulation of the "Battle of the Bulge" for Windows 95 - 98, you can play as a solitaire or online game. This version of the game uses improvements that were intended for the sequel to The Ardennes Offensive, Korsun Pocket. Click HERE for more info and to download this free game.
1515Z: Warship Database Project V7.5
  • This is one of the most comprehensive updates ever incorporated into the WDP. With over 500 modifications, over 50 hours of editing, and over 40 new combat routines. Knowledge of the various weapons in the WDP and how to make tactical decisions based on the quality of these weapons will now be much more imperative to be successful in combat. All missiles and torpedoes are now guaged by their seeker qualities, ECCM and anti-acoustic measures, reattack patterns for anti-ship missiles and torpodoes, etc..! Land based runways have been revamped and gun mounts have also been improved. Click HERE for more info.
1325Z: WDP's Falklands War 1982
  • The WDP have announced they are developing the Falklands War 1982 campaign set for Jane's Fleet Command. Version 8.0 of the Warship Database Project will be first of a series of installments aimed at reproducing one of the most famous naval battles of all time. Click HERE for more info.
1225Z: PowerVR KYRO 3D
  • PowerVR Technologies have unveiled its KYRO 3D graphics and video accelerator at the Computex exhibition in Taiwan. KYRO is a PC graphics and video accelerator based on PowerVR Series3 technology. Click HERE for more details.
Friday, June 2nd, 2000

1701Z: New nVIDIA Drivers
  • nVIDIA has released new Detonator 2 drivers supporting: nVIDIA TNT, nVIDIA TNT2, nVIDIA TNT2 Pro, nVIDIA TNT2 Ultra, nVIDIA Vanta, nVIDIA TNT2 Model 64, Aladdin TNT2, GeForce 256, GeForce DDR, Quadro, and GeForce2 GTS chipsets. Click HERE to download.
1635Z: Jane's WWII Fighters Site
  • A web site called "WWII Fighter Online" has posted new skins, and various utilities for Jane's WWII Fighters. Also located on the site is a utility that allows you to unpack and then repack the contents of the Jane's WWII Fighters in-game data archives. These archives contain all of the plane skins, cockpit graphics, object textures, terrain tiles, plane, object and cockpit 3D object files, flight model coefficients and more. Click HERE for more details. (If it doesn't open the first time, hit refresh on your browser)
1545Z: New WWII Fighters Forum
  • We have created a Jane's World War II Forum on COMBATSIM.COM due to the interest in the game. Click HERE to visit.
Thursday, June 1st, 2000

1708Z: iBeta Site Temporarily Down
  • Several members have contacted us stating that the iBeta site had changed and that it was no longer hosting the Falcon 4 realism patches. We have confirmation from Eric "Snacko" Marlow at iBeta that their web site is temporarily down for upgrades and will be up later this afternoon.
1700Z: Maxi Gamer Couger PCI Sale
  • Guillemot have announced that their Maxi Gamer Cougar PCI video card is on sale for $100. You can pick up one at any CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Staples or Babbages store.
1625Z: Voodoo5 5500 Ships
  • 3dfx Interactive® Inc. have announced that it has resumed shipping the Voodoo5 5500 AGP to distributors worldwide. The expected date for retailers to have the Voodoo5 5500 on their shelves is June 9, 2000.
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