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Strategy Guide Articles 1996 - March 2001:
Fleet Command

It's sink or swim in JANE's latest addition to naval strategy games. Tim Henderson helps you out with Part II of his primer and also references the latest mods.

Fleet Command Primer
FC Primer Part II

Falcon 4.0
LOGO We carry a host of articles to improve your skills and survival in Microprose' Falcon 4.

F4 Index

MiG Alley

Campaign planning tips in MiG Alley. The fifth campaign is fully dynamic and allows an incredible degree of interaction.

MiG Alley Campaign Planning

European Air War
LOGO From elementary observations on tactics to specific strategy, check out these three articles on flying and fighting in EAW.

EAW Tactics

Attacking B17s
Strategy in EAW
MarkShot's STK/EAW Guide

Janes F15 Tips and Tactics
F15 F15 is a state of the art simulation and as you grow with it and play at greater levels of realism you will find there is much to learn! Our writers draw on their experience in the sim to offer you advice for survival, mission planning, and more fun!
Janes Longbow Tips
LB GOLD You're just starting out in Janes Longbow: What do you need to know? This guide is for beginning to middle level players who need to hone their skills. You'll find tactical tips and suggestions on making the best use of the diverse and powerful weapon and targetting systems of the US Armys premier attack helicopter. Note that these suggestions apply to Longbow Gold and the Flash Point upgrade.

Longbow Tips

Longbow 2 for Beginners

Longbow 2 Official Guide Review

Stealth in iF22
iF LOGO The F22 is a new air dominance platform whith unique features. Successful operation requires a new skill base and awareness of how to take advantage of its unique characteristics. Go to:

Stealth in iF22

F22:ADF Tips and Tactics
F22 ADF Box Need some help figuring out what EMCON level to use? Don't know why you can't lock that target that appears on your attack mfd? Need some advice on wingman control? Can't complete that first Saudi Tour mission? Check out our tips!

F22 ADF Tactics and Tips

F22:TAW Tips and Tactics
TAW GUI Total Air War combines a real time dynamic campaign with the ability to make tactical decisions in real time for every allied flight in the air. How do you assess the best course of action, using the information presented in the War Room and AWACS module? Check out our tips!

TAW Tactics

SU27 SU27 has been a well supported and well loved simulation, with its own cadre of dedicated piltos. The FAQ has also been well maintained, and here is the link to Redshifts' site, which also contains a host of other links for SU27 fans...

SU 27 FAQ (Obsolete Link)

Fleet Defender Player's Guide
FD Robin Kim has taken over where the manual left off. Check out his guide, which will help you catch the three-wire, properly operate your AWG-9 radar, and utilize your wingman, maps, and weapons to best advantage. Go to:

FD Player's Guide

Flying Corps: RFC Training Manual
This actual training document from WWI was reproduced by Empire and Rowan for their excellent WWI simulation:

Royal Flying Corps Manual

Fighter Duel Tactics
Fighter Duel is not an easy sim to learn unless you happen to have flown real prop aircraft at some time in your life! No worries, Philipsmedia has developed some excellent training and information pages...

FD Training

Sim Tech Guide Review
EFGUIDE Dan Crenshaw was a beta tester for the original EF2000, and flies multiplayer in the virtual skies with the 209th VFS DeltaHawks. Dan is possible one of the best qualified pilots in the world to review the Sim Tech Guide. Here are his thoughts on their work:

EF2000 Strategy Guide

Flight Intelligence

The EF2000 Strategy Guide has been developed for EF2000 pilots BY EF2000 pilots. If you desire to get the best from an excellent simulation without having to spend weeks learning the ropes, check it out. It is well organized with a hypertext index.

The EF2000 Strategy Guide

TactCom is the upgrade for EF2000 which integrates mission planning. It has its own particular tactical demands, and so this tips section is under construction to help you make the most of the upgrade.

TactCom Tips

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