Naval Combat Previews 1996 - July 2000


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Naval Combat Previews 1996 - July 2000:
I n t e r v i e w
Silent Hunter 2 and Destroyer Command
Steve MacGregor and Nelson Hernandez recently interviewed both Ultimation and SSI, the team behind Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command. As the interview reveals, these are two jam-packed products offering more than just your typical harbour cruise.

Silent Hunter 2 and Destroyer Command

 Naval Combat  P r e v i e w
 Harpoon4 by Ed Reddy
Click to Proceed SSI previewed Harpoon4 at this year's E3. Present to demostrate the game was Larry Bond. Ed Reddy had a chance to speak with Mr. Bond for over forty-five minutes as he demo'd Harpoon4.

Harpoon4 at E3 2000

 Naval Combat  P r e v i e w
 Destroyer Command by Ed Reddy
Click to Proceed Destroyer Command is a naval combat simulator that puts you at the helm of a World War II era destroyer. Ed Reddy examines Destroyer Command that was showcased this year at E3.

Destroyer Command at E3 2000

Naval Combat    I n t e r v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson      Destroyer Command
LOGO The first solid information on Destroyer Command, we talk to designer Troy Heere. Planned to connect to Silent Hunter II, this will be the first duo of interoperable naval simulations.

Destroyer Command

Naval Combat    P r e v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     Harpoon4
H4 Harpoon4 has been a long time coming, but the wait will be worth it! The ultimate naval strategy game gains a real time 3d perspective.


Naval Combat    P r e v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     Silent Hunter II/Destroyer Commander
SH SILENT HUNTER was first described as Aces of the Deep, only in the Pacific with the US Sub Service, and in high resolution. This time SSI takes us to the Atlantic and the U-boat war with a smashing simulation combo.

Silent Hunter II/Destroyer Commander
Silent Hunter 2 Update
Silent Hunter 2 New Screens

Naval Combat  I n t e r v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     Fleet Command
FC We interview Ed Gwynn, Producer of Janes Fleet Command, the coming wide scale naval strategy game. Fleet Command is another of the new genre of strategy/simulation games.

Fleet Command

Naval Combat  U p d a t e
by Joel Billings     Fighting Steel
FSteel There are some that believe that with the emphasis on graphics and interface, realism will suffer in the new wargames and simulations that are being published. Joel Billings, who is hard at work on the product, provides perspective.

Fighting Steel

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