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Mech and Robot Combat Articles 1996 - January 2001:
R e v i e w
MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
Getting a little burned-out on clearing the skies of bandits? The intricacies of avionics got you down? Well, strap on a nuclear robot and stomp around for a little bit o' relaxing mayhem with Bob "Groucho" Marks as he reviews Microsoft's latest installment in the MechWarrior saga.

I n t e r v i e w
MechWarrior 4
Raul Rodriguez's second interview at FASA was with Michael Turner, designer on MechWarrior 4. As he explains, MW4's focus is away from forcing the player through a series of scripted missions, but putting the power and game direction back into the hands of the player.

MechWarrior 4

I n t e r v i e w
MechCommander 2
MechCommander is a completely different game from MechWarrior. Based on a 'commanders' view, you take complete tactical control of an entire company of Mechs. In his interview with the FASA team, Raul Rodriguez had a chance to talk with Mitch Gitelman, Program Manager and Producer for Mechcommander 2.

MechCommander 2

Mech Combat  R e v i e w
  by Steve Martin     Heavy Gear II
LOGO No other mech-type (or "Gear" type) sim comes close to matching the raw adrenaline packed into the box of Heavy Gear 2. Not only does Heavy Gear 2 have the greatest scenery, but they also have the most unique locations.

Heavy Gear II

Mech Combat  R e v i e w
  by Maurice Fitzgerald     Mech Commander GOLD
MC Gold Last years excellent real-time strategy title, Mech Commander, has been brought into the mech bay for an overhaul and refit and sent into the field in the Gold variant. Mech Commander Gold is the new compilation and expansion product from the collective talent of FASA Interactive.

Mech Commander GOLD

Mech Combat  R e v i e w
  by John Reynolds     Mechwarrior III
LOGO Released in the fall of 1995, Mechwarrior 2 became an almost instant success with gamers of all stripes. Oft delayed, and burdened with a checkered development history, Mech 2 blended simulation-like details with frenetic action. Strangely enough, or perhaps not, the same can be said for its successor.

Mechwarrior III

Mech Combat  R e v i e w
  by John Reynolds     Starsiege
starseige As a fan of Dynamix' Earthsiege series, I've been awaiting Starsiege for several years now, hoping it would take the Mech genre to the next level. As a sequel to Earthsiege I and II, the detailed storyline, coupled with the game's rousing intro, sets the stage for some truly immersive gaming.


Combat Simulation  P r e v i e w
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson     Heavy Gear II

Heavy Gear II is nearing completion, and this morning a hot new CD arrived on my desk containing new screens as well as an AVI. The AVI is especially interesting: my impression was Spec Ops but with Mechs! Download the 3.5 meg AVI by clicking HERE.

Heavy Gear II

Strategy  R e v i e w
by Maurice Fitzgerald     Mech Commander

Fasa Interactive have proven themselves to be a comer with their first effort Mech Commander. The goal of both MPS and FI has been to bring the Battletech experience to the PC in a real and engaging way. Their goal has been attained with the latest release and this is by far THE real-time strategy game to beat this year.

Mech Commander
Expansion Pack Update

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