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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (Demo)
James Sterret gives us a hands-on look at Bohemia Interactive's playable demo of their upcoming tactical military combat simulation Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Much to his own surprise, Sterrett admits that Flashpoint comes together as a fun game with a realistic feel.

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Battlefield: 1942
Battlefield: 1942 is a planned new entry into the 1st Person Combat genre by Swedish developer Digital Illusions and published by Electronic Arts. The setting is WWII 1942, and in addition to simply running around shooting pistols, rifles, and machine guns, you can engage in vehicle combat with tanks, ships, and aircraft too.

If you were one of the many people who loved Digital Illusion's Codename Eagle, this latest effort looks to pick up where that exceptionally enjoyable title left off.

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Delta Force: Land Warrior
Delta Force: Land Warrior (DF3) is the third iteration in the Delta Force series of first-person shooter titles published by Novalogic, and like its predecessors puts the player in the boots of an operative in the Delta Force, an elite special operations unit of the U.S. Army.

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Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo Expansion Pack
Zombie and Ripcord have teamed up once again to produce Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo, which is essentially the free expansion mission pack for SO2. Like the original formula they employed with Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo back in October of 1998, the design team has gone to the customers, listened to their complaints, and produced a sophisticated patch as well as offering twenty-five brand new missions and some new multiplayer game play modes.

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Halflife's Counter-Strike
Click to Proceed One year ago today, on June 19th, a new modification was quietly released into the Half-Life community. This mod would quickly grow to become one of the most popular user-created modifications ever made. Chris Abele examines why this mod was revolutionary and how it affected the first person tactical shooter.


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Nato3 for Rogue Spear
Click to Proceed Unlike other FPS games with large fan bases, the Rainbow Six line has always had a limited mod breadth hindering its overall popularity. While there is no doubt that the Rainbow Six line is an intensely exciting series to play in either multiplayer or single player series, the game can get old and dry. As Chris "Pie4foo" Abele reports, the new Nato3 mod for Rogue Spear breathes new life into Rouge Spear like no other.

Nato3 for Rogue Spear

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Rogue Spear: Urban Operations
Click to Proceed Urban Operations, as the name implies, is a mission pack whose missions are based entirely in real-world cities. The missions take place in the very hearts of the city, emphasizing the tight quarters and tense environments of block-to-block fighting. Chris "Pie4foo" Abele examines the latest add-on for this highly popular series from Redstorm Entertainment.

Rogue Spear: Urban Operations Review
Urban Ops Preview
Urban Ops Screenshots

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Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom
Click to Proceed Dan Dimitrescu reviews the first add-on produced for Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom. Last year, an unknown company from the Czech republic named Illusion Softworks, delivered this promising tactical squad shooter.

H&D: Fight For Freedom

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Codename Eagle
Click to Proceed Codename Eagle is an action-packed romp through a parallel universe where Russia is the reigning nation of the world. Jim Cobb examines this latest title from Talon Soft which has remarkable singe and multiplayer characteristics.

Codename Eagle

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by Moe Fitzgerald     Spec Ops II
LOGO Zombie has released the follow on, SOII: Green Berets almost 2 years after the original. While SO could be considered a ‘ground-breaker’ in the shooter genre by being the first realism based shooter, SOII does nothing to surpass its parent product and instead is ‘just another shooter.’

Spec Ops II

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by Rod Lundgren     Swat 3
LOGO In SWAT 3, Special Weapons and Tactics has come home to roost in a first-person tactical simulation. In SWAT 3 you control the element Lead of a five-man squad which is broken into Red and Blue elements.


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by Maurice Fitzgerald     Rogue Spear
LOGO We are in the midst of a revolution in gaming and the old run and gun first person shooter has been changed to the new ultra-realistic style of shooter thanks to Redstorm Entertainment. Gone are the days of unlimited health packs and ammo crates, instead we are faced with real-world style action where one shot can and does kill.

Rogue Spear Review

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by Maurice Fitzgerald     Hidden and Dangerous
H&D Strong in conception, not always successful in execution. Will the dangerous bugs stop our hero from completing his mission?

Hidden and Dangerous
Hidden and Dangerous Interview

First Person  P r e v i e w
  by John Williamson     Spec Ops 2
SO2 With the latest in graphics and sound wizardry, Spec Ops 2 looks set to compete for First Person Shooter of the year in 1999.

Spec Ops 2

Strat/Mech Combat  R e v i e w
  by Maurice Fitzgerald     Starsiege: Tribes

Starsiege: TRIBES is set as a multiplayer only game with offline training missions. With some innovations and great gameplay, this is a winner from Dynamix!

Starsiege: Tribes

First Person  R e v i e w
  by M. Fitzgerald and B. Wolford     Rainbow 6 Eaglewatch

Redstorm Entertainment made its mark on the gaming community and altered our way of thinking with their hyper realistic counter terrorist sim Rainbow Six. This expansion pack continues with the same addictive qualities.

R6 Eaglewatch

Eaglewatch Multiplayer

Sim/Strat/Action     R e v i e w
by Maurice Fitzgerald     Wargasm

In Wargasm real-time strategy meets lite sim hybrid in a non-stop orgy of action to be unleashed on the gaming world shortly in the UK and here in the US soon after. Wargasm looks destined to be a classic with its no holds barred action and tremendous graphics.


First Person Shooter   R e v i e w
by Maurice Fitzgerald     Spec Ops: RTB

Just like the real life US Army Ranger units they are depicting, Zombie assaults us head on with their latest, Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo. Fans of the popular game will be happy to see 9 new missions filled with plenty of action, and to top it all off full multiplayer support has arrived!

Specops: RTB

Spec Ops Review

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