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MiG Alley: Spring Offensive Report By Derek Bond

  Day Seven, 11Jan

We are informed B-29's are available. Back to page one of the target priority list!

The first mission was the standard huge package tasked with hitting the marshalling yard at Pyongyang, which was again runnung at high activity. Reds objected and sent four waves to intercept. Only two engaged however, and the UN mopped 'em up 41-2. The Marshalling yard was listed as destroyed.


Midday raid to Hamhung Marshalling yard. A large MiG formation from China was vectored to intercept, but never engaged. B-29's destroyed 1350 tons. Intel indicated only 45 tons left. Two Forts lost to AAA. Afternoon decision was to hit another high value target deep behind the lines. Chosan Supply and Comms was tasked to the Forts.

Out of the range of the F-80's, it was 4 flights of 29's escorted by 5 flights of F-86's. 2 formations of MiGs were sent from China and were on a intercept vector halfway to Chosan. They flew right by and continued south. I couldn't help but think about those unescorted missions I left back near the front.


Surprisingly, no MiGs challenged the B-29's and they destroyed 1029 tons. Chosan listed as destroyed. Upon RTB, learned that 2 F-84's were shot down attacking Hongchon supply point by those MiGs. Gotta start protecting these boys better. Air-to-air for the day: 51 kills to 4 fighters.

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Next morning I was surprised to see it was 13Jan. We skipped right by the 12th. I assume the weather forced a grounding of UN aircraft for the day. As a result, no missions flown on the 12th. Damn Reds must be doing a raindance or something.

Despite my dissapointment in not being able to keep the pressure up on the 12th, good news on the 13th from Allied ground commander. IX Corps launches offensive to take the town of Suwon. F-84's now based at Osan. F-51's at Pyongtaek. Capture of Suwon a major objective as a 2-squadron capable airfield is located there. New section of 84's arrived.

Day Ten, 15Jan

The campaign is going very well. The focus on the rail system is paying off as there are only 3 or 4 railbridges in the entire theater listed at medium or higher activity. Yesterday the Reds withdrew to Seoul! The Seoul bridges are in UN hands but the battle for the city has yet to begin. Can't believe we're at Seoul already.

Intel indicated UN preparing for offensive to take the town of Chuncheon. PYang railbridge has been repaired and another package of 8 F-84's with F-86/F-80 escort resulted in a failed mission with several planes lost to MiGs. No damage to the target so will have to go back in.

B29 Escort
B29 Escort

Chinese MiG squadrons have challenged virtually every mission north of Seoul so far in this campaign. Ground attack missions near the front have gone virtually unopposed. Both Sabre squadrons now based at Suwon. Air-to-air is 284 MiGs destroyed to 26 UN aircraft. And that includes the 3 Forts lost on the first day. 60 more planes lost to a combination of AAA and other. I don't know what to say about the progress so far. Much swifter advance than I anticipated. Gotta go prepare to take Seoul. Day Twelve, 17Jan.

The U.N. launched offensives to take Seoul and Chuncheon on the 15th. The progress is slow as the strength on the ground is equal. I tried some CAS missions to see if I could swing the battle and test the new 1.1 CAS missions. On the 15th I sent 2 flights of F-84's to Chuncheon and 2 flights of F-51's to Seoul. Both returned with credit for no targets destroyed. Missions failed.

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