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Hands on with B17 II

  by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson


  Think WWII Fighters but with astounding terrain. No, that isn't quite it. Think EAW with object detail quadrupled. No, that doesn't quite cut it either.

Well, think Need for Speed: High Stakes but in the air. Hmm. How about, NHL 2000, but in WWII? No, not that either.

I've got it! Rogue Spear, but in WWII in B17s and fighters! Yeh, we're getting closer. Now roll in JANE's 688I Hunter/Killer and JANE's F15, two of the most profound systems simulations of military platforms ever. We're getting closer.

B17 Flying Fortress II: The Mighty Eighth

Wayward Design sent out a few video tapes of the pre-alpha version recently, and we managed to snag one. I converted the entire tape into AVI files, primarily in 480x320 format, but with a good number at 640x480 for the brave hearts among you. Remember that this is 16 bit, high resolution dithered and compressed way down, and the actual simulation looks far, far better!

With the demand on our server for these files, you may get an error message and will have to try again later.


You will need Windows Media Player or RealPlayer Plus G2 to view these files. If you get the message that your decompressor didn't work or that you aren't able to download the correct one, Morgan Multimedia has a codec you can download..Morgan Multimedia.

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