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Budget System Comparison
by Douglas Helmer

AMD Duron vs. Intel Celeron

With the sure to be CPU-hogging B-17 II: The Mighty 8th somewhere out there on the near horizon, we thought it high-time to see what your hard-earned dollars can buy in terms of complete systems these days. Rather than go to a mega-online dealer like Dell or Gateway, we decided to find a local vendor (who would ship anywhere in North America) to build us two affordable systems with the kind of processing power and ammenities required by the average combat simmer. Power, reliability, affordibility---like an AK-47.

Our Requirements:

We wanted two systems with plenty of CPU speed, good sound, great graphics, plenty of storage and all for under $2,000 US.

What we Received:

The folks at Voodoo Computer Studios (no relation to 3dfx Voodoo), gave us two test systems: an AMD Duron 650 MHz "Monsoon" system and an Intel Celeron 600 MHz "Tsunami" system. At this point we weren't sure if we were going to need a computer expert or a meteorologist to test these systems. A quick phone call or two and we decided we didn't need a weather person after all (but we all got malaria shots just in case).

The Voodoo Shipping Box. Sturdy and Solid.


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