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Tuesday December 10, 2002

PC News
European Computer Flight Simulation Show Videos
Ubi Soft has posted their own videos from the European Flight Simulation Show last month. The videos feature footage from Forgotten Battles and Lock On: Modern Air Combat. The videos are available on the IL-2 Sturmovik site.

MoH:AA Spearhead Patch V2.11
A new patch for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead has been released, upgrading this recent WWII first-person shooter expansion by EALA to version 2.11. Details on the changes in this release are however not available. Update: Electronic Arts sends word that the patch adds the Malta map, German weapon and new skins from the demo, along with a sizable number of gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes. Download

Military News
BAE Attacks UK MoD Over Typhoon Delay
A row has erupted between the Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems over delays in the delivery of the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to the Royal Air Force.

Last week, the MoD announced that the delivery would be pushed back by a further six months. However, BAE insiders say that the aircraft are "ready to go" and that the UK "uniquely" among the four European purchasing nations is delaying final acceptance.

The MoD said that receipt of the first Typhoon would be delayed until June 2003, which is more than four and half years late, and that further setbacks could not be ruled out.

However one BAE source said: "They will be delivered but not accepted. Aircraft will be available by the end of 2002 if they want them, but the UK will have aircraft sitting around for the next six months with the RAF not allowed to use them."

The German Luftwaffe takes delivery of Typhoon aircraft this week for training and analysts say the Italian air force will do so within weeks. "The MoD uniquely is not taking any action to move them across to the RAF because they say we have not met the minute detail of the contract," the BAE insider added.

There was speculation that the delay was due in part to a development aircraft crashing in Spain last month. However on Friday, the body representing the four member nations - Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK - agreed that the Eurofighter could return to full flight testing. (Source: Daily Telegraph, UK)

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