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Monday August 05, 2002

New Screens: LO:MAC
Check out these new screens from Ubi Soft's upcoming jet simulation, Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

Strategic Command v1.02 Patch Released
Battlefront has released the full version 1.02 game patch today for Strategic Command- European Theater. This patch is for the full game only and will patch Strategic Command to version 1.02. The file is two megabytes in size. Download

New Screens: American Conquest
We have 3 new screens from CDV's upcoming Historical RTS, American Conquest. American Conquest features, real-time battles with up to 16,000 units, era between 1492 and 1813, 4 campaigns with 30 missions: the American War of Independence, the Seven Years' War, the War of Tecumesh and Pizarro's Expedition, 6 simulations of historical battles and 12 separate single player missions with 12 different nations: Spanish, English, France, Aztec, Incan, Mayan, Sioux, Huron, Delaware (Algonquin), Iroquois League, Pueblo, American. Release Date: Early 2003.

Microsoft to Reveal Windows Code
(Reuters) - Microsoft will reveal hundreds of pieces of proprietary computer code from its monopoly Windows operating system in the next several weeks to comply with an antitrust settlement it signed with the U.S. Justice Department last year, the company said on Monday.

The software giant said the disclosures are part of its first steps to comply with the settlement that must still be approved by a federal judge and remains opposed by nine state attorneys general seeking stiffer sanctions.

Microsoft said it plans to disclose nearly 400 pieces of computer code and internal operating rules, previously kept secret, which outside software developers can use to write programs to run on Windows.

"With these new (disclosures), software developers will have additional development choices in designing their Windows programs," the company said in a statement.

Military News
New Strike Force Debuts
Global Strike Task Force, the Air Force’s concept intended to "kick down the door" to any battlespace for U.S. military forces during future conflicts, will debut during Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2002 at Nellis AFB, Nev.

JEFX 2002, which began July 24 and runs through Aug. 9, is the fourth in a series of experiments designed to help the Air Force prepare for the challenges of operating in the 21st century. It combines live and simulated forces that are modeling a future command-and-control system while exploring advanced processes and technologies to decrease the time needed to attack targets.

This year, the experiment is part of Millennium Challenge 2002, a joint experiment designed to simulate the military services’ ability to work together on a realistic battlefield set in the year 2007.

"GSTF marks the next stage in Air Force transformation by using our advantages of stealth, precision, stand-off capabilities, information, and space to overcome the enemy’s ability to deny access to U.S. forces," said Gen. Hal Hornburg, commander of Air Combat Command. "GSTF will function as a rapid-reaction force employed within the air and space expeditionary force construct. It combines stealth and advanced weapons with integrated command, control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms to provide lethal battlespace capability.

"It will rapidly establish air dominance and subsequently guarantee that aerospace, land and sea forces will enjoy both freedom from attack and freedom to attack," he said.

One of the keys to GSTF is providing decision-makers the ability to predict what actions the enemy is most likely to make.

"With predictive battlespace awareness, the commander can better focus intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms, use them to confirm anticipated enemy locations, and quickly provide information to the targeting process," Hornburg said.

Initiatives within the experiment will explore how to decrease the time needed to find, fix, track, target, engage and assess enemy targets.

During the first phase of Millennium Challenge operations, simulated F-22s and B-2s will use precision-guided munitions to dominate the air and strike anti-access threats, enabling non-stealthy strike and support aircraft to join the attack. GSTF will combine the power-projection capabilities of other military services to systematically destroy hundreds of targets, roll back enemy defenses and clear the way for follow-on forces, Hornburg said.

"GSTF provides the capability to respond rapidly with massive, around-the-clock firepower. It will produce effects early, from longer ranges, with more precision than our current capabilities and methods of employment, creating air dominance and other war-winning effects for component commanders and possibly giving our adversaries a reason to quit," he said. (Source: Air Combat Command)

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